Gilgamesh Pharmaceuticals

Gilgamesh Pharmaceuticals

Gilgamesh Pharmaceuticals, a Clinical stage biotechnology company…

Gilgamesh is a pioneering, clinical stage mental health science-focused biotechnology company. We have a disciplined focus on developing innovative new chemical entities (NCEs) leveraging a unique combination of medicinal chemistry, intellectual property strategy, neuroscience & neurobiology, and drug development expertise. We are an experienced team, with proven success in biotech exits and inventions.

Gilgamesh Pharmaceuticals
Team Size:15
Location:New York

Active Founders


Duke University BS, MD from University of Miami, former Chief of Psychiatry in Boston Area. Academic work at Mass General Hospital and NIH (intramural), researcher at JNJ in psychiatry and neurology, and then at Pfizer Inc in NYC (Clinical Disease Area Expert in Neuroscience Area), Founder of start up, Perception Neuroscience (exited) and was CSO, and now Founder of Gilgamesh. Live in NYC and mountains of NC. Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Exp Therapeutics at Columbia University

Andrew Kruegel

I am a medicinal chemist, pharmacologist, and entrepreneur with extensive experience in the design and preclinical development of psychoactive drugs for the future treatment of psychiatric illnesses. In the context of my entrepreneurial endeavors I have also built significant expertise in business, fundraising, operations, and intellectual property strategy.

Dalibor Sames

Professor of Chemistry at Columbia University with expertise in synthetic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, molecular design, synaptic imaging, neuropharmacology, and experimental therapeutics. Led new conceptual advances in chemical synthesis (C-H bond functionalization), developed fluorescent false neurotransmitters (FFNs), elucidated the mechanism of action of antidepressant tianeptine, expertise in iboga alkaloid and mitragynines chemistry and pharmacology.