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3+ years
Connect directly with founders of the best YC-funded startups.
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Hamza Zia
Hamza Zia

About the role

◯˚GitStart turns tickets into PRs for engineering teams. We're growing fast, with 13k+ PRs shipped to prod for Firefox Mobile,, Drata, Supabase, StoryBook, Union Bank, and more.

What You'll Do

  • Craft and maintain precise specs and designs for UI that users love.
  • Give our design system a makeover and expansion that aligns perfectly with our brand vibe.
  • Collaborate with our product, engineering (wizards), and teams across GitStart, creating a sweet spot where coding meets design and brand identity.

Who We're Looking For

  • Someone who's comfortable deep diving into to the software development lifecycle and gets excited about projects like developing a code review tool or dreaming up a new CLI or IDE.
  • Solid async communication skills, keeping everyone in the loop across platforms and formats.
  • A design storyteller, able to unpack your design choices to anyone from product managers to engineers and even folks who aren't tech-savvy.
  • Knows just when to pull in stakeholders during the design journey.
  • Balances idealistic designs with the real-world hustle of startup life, using expert judgment to navigate through.
  • A thinker who sees the big picture and how all the dots connect.
  • Ready to dive into UX research, lead user studies, or hop on research projects, always keen to integrate feedback into making designs even better.
  • Proud of your strong work ethic, happy to fly solo or team up for some serious code pairing or brainstorming sessions.
  • Gets branding and how to evolve brand directions into killer user experiences.
  • Deeply passionate about design, products, and making users go "wow!", always tinkering with software just because you love it.

Tech Toolkit

  • Must be a Figma pro (InDesign and Illustrator also work). Also, familair with Linear, GitHub, and Slack is key.

Would Be Awesome

  • If you've ever kicked off your own project, you're our kind of people! We thrive on creativity and entrepreneurial energy, and your experience would resonate here. Plus, you can showcase your project in a Show & Tell!

Work on Hard Problems automatically manages AI models and developers across the globe. Engineering teams assign tickets and get back ready to merge PRs. This requires rebuilding the entire engineering stack end-to-end, with pieces like:

  • AI-first SDLC - split the software development life-cycle in steps where specialized AI models can generate code and loop in humans to make sure errors don’t propagate.
  • Ticket writing LLM - load context from the codebase and past tickets to write engineering ready tickets
  • GitSlice - securely share subsets of a codebase

Backed By the world’s best

We are supported by the best investors in our field, Neo, YC, Bonfire VC, and the world’s best engineering leaders:

  • Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott
  • Google VP Parisa Tabriz
  • CEO Hadi Partovi
  • Instagram VP Maria Zhang
  • Director of Google Bard Jack Krawczyk
  • Circle CTO Li Fan
  • Airbnb founder Nate Blecharczyk
  • Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi
  • Quora CEO Adam D’Angelo
  • Andela founder Iyinola Aboyeji
  • Gigster founder Debo Olaosebikan
  • Replit CEO Amjad Masad
  • Former Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer
  • And more

Join An Amazing team

Team includes:

  • 🔥 >50% former founders, many of mission driven organizations like mPharma (Africa’s best health tech startup, 1k people $100m raised) and CodePhenix (Europe’s largest coding bootcamp for inmates)
  • 🧑‍🔬  Patents holders
  • 🧠 A national math olympiad winner and former Typescript team member
  • 🌍  ~16 nationalities for ~19 people
  • 🤫 And more: a published poet, a sailing world champion, a cricket team coach, two musicians drawing hundreds for concerts, etc.

Also, the number one thing newcomers notice is that people are truly kind 😇. More on this when we meet!

Perks and Benefits

Non-standard stuff

  • ⚖️  10 years options exercise windows — most startups employees never exercise their hard-earned equity options because the standard clause forces them to buy it within 3 months of departure. We care so much about equity that on top of giving offers way above market, we switched to a new legal documents software solely because the old one didn’t support changing the default “3 months” to “10 years”.
  • 🛂 Visa Sponsorship: Dream of living somewhere new? We'll help sponsor your application and help with the visa.
  • 👋 "We Got Your Back" Budget: Life's little necessities shouldn't be a hassle. Need daycare, new glasses, or a taxi ride? Consider it covered.
  • 🌱 Growing You Budget: Your personal and professional growth is our priority. Are you continuing your studies, studying something new or want to learn a new skill. We will help!
  • 🌎  We are a fully remote company — We hire the best people in the world without restriction. Work wherever and in whichever timezone you want, and travel around the world to meet the team during quarterly onsites.

Standard stuff

  • 📈 Equity for everyone who’s full-time
  • 🌏 Onsites
  • 🏝 Unlimited Paid Time Off
  • 🐣 Parental leave
  • 🖥️ WFH Budget
  • 🍽 Meals with fellow GitStarters
  • 📞 Something missing? Tell us

Finally, we offer competitive compensation and meaningful equity along with a chance to make a significant contribution to changing the lives of millions of engineers across the world.

Hackweek Based recruiting

We are weird about hiring. We’re skeptical of resumes and we don’t trust interviews (we’re happy to talk though!). Since nothing beats working together, we love inviting people for a hackweek (or hackweekend) - come hack on a problem with us and see if you like it!

It’s compensated, of course. And fast: we typically extend offers within 3 working days, starting from the end of the hackweek.

Not sure whether this is for you? Read this candidate's feedback!

See, I've been in the industry for quite a long time. And I had lots of interviews and interviewers throughout my career. Some were good, while some sucked big time; as usual. HOWEVER, and I'm not even exaggerating when I say this - interview experience with GitStart was not even ONE OF the best, but absolutely THE BEST I ever had in my 15 years career. Every person that I spoke to in the process was EXTREMELY charismatic, really eager to learn about myself and, what's more, it was absolutely obvious that they LOVED GitStart. I have NEVER EVER EVER seen anything even remotely like this. So how was the process? Amazing! I actually enjoyed it and was looking forward to more of it :D

How to apply

We'd love to meet you! If you’re interested, head here!

If you want to read more about the team first, you'll find more at Humans of GitStart.

About GitStart

GitStart automatically manages AI models and developers to turn tickets into pull requests.

After years in R&D, we launched and are growing fast.

Join us if you want to work on difficult problems and change lives in 20+ countries.

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Hamza Zia
Hamza Zia