Near-zero admin, drop-in HRA platform for people-first teams

Gleam is a near-zero admin HRA benefit platform that helps companies reduce their health insurance costs by 27-40%. Our software platform simplifies setting up and operating an HRA by automating all financial, legal, and compliance work. It's a drop-in benefits package add-on with fantastic cost-saving opportunities. Plus, it gives employees the flexibility to use their health benefits dollars where they need them most, whether it's achieving a $0 deductible or accessing health services not typically covered by insurance.

Team Size:2
Group Partner:Aaron Epstein

Active Founders

Oliver Keh

Founder + CEO @ gleam. Former engineer in the healthcare provider space, now in the healthcare payer space.

Oliver Keh
Oliver Keh

Company Launches

TL;DR - Instead of selling health plans via spreadsheets, we make it easy for independent brokers to build customized, self-funded health plans for their clients. Employers get better healthcare benefits, while paying less. Brokers get to keep their clients longer, while reducing their workload. Connect with one of Gleam's broker partners today.

Hey everyone! We're Oliver and Emeka from Gleam. We help companies with 50-500 employees offer higher quality health insurance plans while reducing cost to the company. We're doing this by empowering their insurance brokers to more easily implement and administer self-funded health plans.

The Problem 😭

Today, most independent brokers working with non-enterprise clients don't have the operational capacity or expertise to manage self-funded plans on their own. Contrary to common belief, the reason why self-funded plans are more common at larger companies is because larger companies can afford more sophisticated brokers that have more experience in this space.

Unfortunately, this means clients of smaller, independent brokers are buying overpriced, cookie-cutter health plans from a spreadsheet when they could be benefitting from alternative insurance models. With insurance costs rising every year, it's super important for brokers to know how to best help their clients.

The Solution 👷

Our software platform makes it simple for any independent broker to implement and administer self-funded health plans. Gleam helps them become more sophisticated partners for their clients.

Among other things, brokers use us to:

  1. Implement partnerships with vendors supporting the plan.
  2. Monitor the financial performance of the plan.
  3. Analyze medical claims data to better advise clients on benefits strategy.
  4. Automate regulatory compliance.

We're already partnering with some of the top small business brokers in the country to support their clients (yes, even the experts have a hard time), and want to bring the magic of automation to the broader community of brokers and small businesses.

If your broker uses Gleam, it means:

  1. You get the best-possible health insurance costs, with decisions based on data.
  2. Your employees get a health plan tailor-made to their needs.
  3. You get to keep working with your awesome, hyper-personalized broker for much longer. No need to “graduate” to a big, corporate firm.

How you can get involved 🚀