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First Business Analytics and Growth Hire at GoGoGrandparent

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About the role


Hello! GoGo is a fully remote, profitable company on a mission to help older adults age independently in their homes. We currently serve 50,000 clients a year and are looking for someone that can help evaluate and iteratively improve some of our core business metrics, starting with our retention.

About the role

We've done work on this over the last few months and were able to make some progress (like dashboards, some early stage metric goals and a list of 100 or so ideas to meet those goals) but as we moved to implementation, we started to slip on the rigor required in A/B testing and that was when we realized we needed someone who could own this. This role would report to the CEO, but would touch most of the team members in the org. As our LTV grows, the scope of this role will as well. Our first hire here will be the person best positioned to lead a product team in the future.

Working at GoGo

Working at GoGo is mostly stress-free. The cofounders have control of the board and the company is consumer focused, so we don't have to meet arbitrary, external facing deadlines. We are a fully remote gig and work with people that live and move around the world, so there is always someone online (the sun never sets on GoGo!). The company is operating in a space that most people aren't looking at and that gives us room to try new things and be innovative. This is awesome because we really like our mission and it's fun to do work that feels valuable to our clients.


  • you need to know MySQL. You don't need to be an expert, but you should feel like you can quickly look up anything you might need and understand how it works. We don't currently use any intermediary tools for data analysis, but if you have some favorites we're all ears. We need someone that can pull data themselves though, no bottlenecks!
  • you need to be pretty comfortable with spreadsheets. you should be able to create graphs quickly, use keyboard shortcuts, formulas, etc
  • you need to know how to run a strong a/b test: for example, you should be able to explain under what conditions (if any!) it would be okay to call the June cohort the control group and July the experiment group.
  • you should have a process for generating ideas - if we move to an interview this is what we'll ask you about!

Interview process:

The first round is with our cofounder. Then we'll give you a small 2 hour take home case prompt. After that we'll do reference checks and finally you'll be asked to meet the team.

Here is a quick description of the case: We'd like to offer a one time discount to clients in a certain cohort to move them to a different cohort. We are trying to calculate the discount we can afford based on the longer retention we predict that client will have. You'll need to figure out the numbers: the expected longer retention, the value from that retention and the discount we can offer under those constraints.

About our comp: For now, we don't offer equity because we deeply value our control of the company, and we don't want any external pressures to exit. We pay for this sin in cash, but it's good cash! We structure compensation based on your performance in the role.

Why you should join GoGoGrandparent

We built GoGo for our own grandparents and were amazed to see it grow to touch the lives of hundreds of thousands of seniors across the United States and Canada. What shocked us then and it still does now, is that between 30 - 40% of our new signups have smartphones. We didn’t understand why. When we called and asked a few, they told us that Uber and Lyft had 'stopped working' for them.

After puzzling over that for months, we realized what the problem was.

Managing transportation - on Lyft, Uber, cab companies, etc is not easy. It’s a ‘self-serve’ experience. The ride requester has to be aware of things like the driver cancelling, getting lost, the driver arriving, the driver not-quite-being-lost-just-down-the-street-a-couple-houses.

Then add the complexities of smartphones: the user has to be on top of updating their own credit card - making sure the pickup pin is in the correct spot - typing in both where they are and where they’re going. All in all, there are about a dozen online and offline "micro steps" ride requesters have to take to get a ride. And god help anyone who needs to remember their Apple iCloud password to update an app.

We didn't know this when we started, but it turns out that ordering and managing a ride gets more difficult the older you get, almost in the same way that driving a car gets more difficult the older you get.

What gets us excited now (and what we’re hiring for) is that technically this ‘self-management problem’ doesn’t just stop at rides. There are lots of things that get harder to do as you age. People have known this for a long time and that’s inspired a lot of the solutions that older adults currently have.

Based a lot on the experiences we’ve had so far, we believe that by becoming the ‘management layer’ for the things that older adults struggle with as they age we have a better chance to offer older citizens independence without having to ask them to move out of their homes.

Within the next ten years the number of people over the age of 65 will be larger than the number of people under 18 for the first time in history. 11,000,000 people over the age of 75 will stop driving due to age related cognitive or physical decline. When they stop driving, they’ll be forced to rely on friends and family, live in a community, or have caregivers. GoGo is working to make sure that losing your youth doesn’t mean losing your independence.

Joining us at this time is a really exciting opportunity for folks looking to make meaningful impact on people’s lives. We’re a small team that’s built a profitable and fast-growing business over the last three years. Now we’re looking for partners to join us as we make GoGo a household name.

Anyone joining GoGo at this phase of the company will have a huge and life changing level of impact on a size-able and growing user base. We want people to have rich and meaningful lives at any age. We’re bringing people freedom and hope, one life at a time.