Intuitive, easy-to-remember short links - powered by AI.

GoLinks allows you to create internal links for your company that are so easy to remember and share, you don't have to bookmark or copy and paste them in emails. For example, teams use GoLinks to keep track of their dashboard at go/metrics or an employee directory at go/directory - powered by AI. These internal link systems have been a standard for productivity boost within companies like Google, Yahoo, Linkedin, Twitter, and Airbnb for years. GoLinks is the first company building this as a service for everyone else. 75% of all employees at all of our customers use GoLinks every single month. In 2023, GoLinks, launched two new productivity solutions to build off of their vision of building a Gen AI productivity suite: - GoSearch (www.gosearch.ai): An enterprise workplace search solution powered by AI. - GoProfiles (www.goprofiles.io): A hub for your team to find shared connections, celebrate wins, and boost company culture — powered by gen AI!

Jobs at GoLinks

US / Remote (US)
$90K - $120K
6+ years
Remote (US)
Any (new grads ok)
Team Size:70
Location:San Jose, CA
Jorge Zamora
Jorge Zamora

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GoProfiles (from the makers of GoLinks and GoSearch) is an AI people platform built for employees everywhere—created for the new way of work. With GoProfiles, teams celebrate achievements, foster strong bonds, and gain the context needed to collaborate and connect.

We combined the best parts of employee directories and peer recognition to build a totally new kind of people platform. Increase employee productivity and collaboration through GoProfiles.

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❌ The Problem

Remote teams are increasingly disconnected, and it’s hurting company morale and productivity:

  • 52% of remote workers feel less connected to their peers
  • 68% of employees feel disengaged at work
  • This equates to $1.9 trillion in lost productivity due to burnout

✅ The Solution

Happy, engaged employees are productive employees.

GoProfiles, from the makers of GoLinks, is an AI people platform that increases employee engagement, collaboration, and productivity. With features that include:

  • AI people search to connect with like-minded folks ("Who likes spring and lives in California")
  • Peer recognition through Bravos, groups, and interests to connect on common interests
  • Interactive employee maps, rich employee profiles
  • Interactive org chart, job hierarchy, birthdays and anniversaries
  • And so much more.

Make people data personal — beyond names and titles
Spotlight employees with rich profiles that showcase their achievements, personalities, and history with your company.

Discover employee connections with AI
AI-powered search and chat make asking questions like, “Do we have employees in Colorado?” and “Who is the newest hire to join the Design team?” possible.


Cultivate a positive culture of peer appreciation
Give employees an easy way to recognize their peers with sociable Bravos that celebrate achievement.

Visualize your distributed team on a global map
Understand the geography of your remote colleagues — whether a couple of cities over or across the pond.

Get clarity into teams and reporting hierarchy
Empower teammates to explore connections across your company with an org chart, directory, and employee map.

Auto-populate employee records from any HRIS
Connect one—or many—HRIS platforms to effortlessly integrate employee data and keep it current with automatic syncs.

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