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Senior Content Manager

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3+ years
Connect directly with founders of the best YC-funded startups.
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Ned Dwyer
Ned Dwyer

About the role

Senior Content Manager

What you’ll be doing

  • Owning our entire content strategy: Brainstorming content ideas based on organic traffic opportunities & launch plans through to publication and tracking

  • Writing a LOT: eBooks, blog posts, social posts, emails, website pages

    • Producing: both writing and publishing new content from thought leadership pieces to SEO content

    • Editing & Improving: Editing previous content and helping us level up content written by our SME

    • Commissioning content w/ partners like Draft, especially for SEO-centric content at scale

  • Engaging with the community of researchers and designers regularly

  • Creating social posts and wrap-up blog posts from webinars

  • Social media listening & posting

You are:

  • Autonomous: you can manage your time well, can manage up and across
  • Collaborative: Can work with teams, partners, contractors
  • Curious: Want to get to the bottom of something
  • Resourceful: Do what needs to be done to get the project done well
  • Analytical: Always be asking, how can we be better, and have the data to back it up

Experiences we think might help you succeed:

  • Owning the content strategy from finding the right keywords to conducting interviews to publishing content and everything in between.
  • Increasing B2B organic website traffic with content; Turning that website traffic into leads with content.
  • Commissioning and managing content from 3rd party producers
  • We’ve built a customer feedback platform, so interviewing folks (customers, prospects, industry folks) is part of the job. And we need to turn those interviews into content that helps with traffic & leads.
  • SEO audit tools/Google analytics: having used these to help inform content development could be helpful.
  • Excitement about a role or product: The passion we all feel for this mission to democratize research is deep, and our small team needs to exude that passion.

Bonus points:

  • Former journalist
  • B2b SaaS experience
  • Experience with SEO tools

What this job isn’t

  • Authoritarian: As the second full-time hire for the marketing team, I need a partner, someone who comes with ideas, is open to discussion, takes ideas, and turns them into reality. I will not tell you precisely what to do and expect a “yes” at every turn.
  • Slow: We have lofty goals, and this is our chance to fill the top of our funnel as fast as possible.
  • Single-threaded: You’ll be jumping from social listening & posting to Google Analytics to eBook writing. It’s a lot of different types of work. And we need someone who can do it all from “hmmm, that’s an interesting and relevant search query” to “and now we have an eBook live on the website and garnering leads.”

About the interview process:

  1. Application w/ portfolio of relevant work experience
  2. Request for response to more specific questions
  3. Initial interview w/ hiring manager
  4. Commissioned content piece
  5. Team interviews
  6. Share 6 month plan
  7. CEO sync

About Great Question

We are on a mission to democratize user research - helping companies talk to their customers more to ensure they build software people want! We’re a well-funded seed-stage startup backed by Y Combinator and Funders Club.

This is a huge opportunity to get in early, work on an interesting problem, have a huge impact on the messaging and culture of an early-stage company, and shape the future of how teams build software through research.

This is a remote role open to anyone able to work within American time zones.

Please share either your resume or portfolio along with a couple of sentences about why you are interested in Great Question.

Why you should join Great Question

Great Question is a customer research platform that makes it easy to do research with your own customers - whether it’s customer interviews, surveys or prototype tests - and share what you learn with your team.

Founded by serial entrepreneurs Ned Dwyer & PJ Murray, we’re backed by Y Combinator and on a mission to democratize research.

We launched our beta in February 2021 with a bang - customers like Adidas Runtastic, Linktree & MainStreet all use and love our product.

Great Question
Team Size:4
Location:Oakland, CA
Ned Dwyer
Ned Dwyer
PJ Murray
PJ Murray