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Commercial Manager

$45k - $60k / 0.10% - 0.20%
Singapore / Remote (Singapore/Tokyo, Japan/London, UK/Cyprus/Greece/Hong Kong/United States/Bergen, Norway/Oslo, Norway/Netherlands/Belgium/Denmark/Germany)
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1+ years
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Nick Clarke
Nick Clarke

About the role

Greywing Commercial Manager - a 3 minute Loom from our CEO & Co-founder, Nick Clarke

Work directly with the CEO and Greywing customers to build a best in class commercial system to seamlessly take our clients from a Sales Agreed to a Signed contract.

You will have the opportunity to manage and lead the commercial team development that will lay the foundation for Greywing client base for the next decade.

This is the right job if you like exploring things that have never existed before are excited by new challenges and understand that a commercially professional organisation that delivers best-in-class documentation and commercial agreements is a competitive edge for a business.

If successful, you will help negotiate and build the commercial success of Greywing, as well as lay the roadmap for what commercial professionalism looks like in the maritime tech ecosystem of the future.

What do we need you to do?

We need you to produce the best commercial documentation in the maritime start up eco-system. The process of engaging with and contracting Greywing should be the best part about working with Greywing, except maybe for the product.

You will have a clear vision of how to best create and deliver our standard documentation rapidly including,

  1. NDA's
  2. Proposal's
  3. Data Processing Agreements
  4. Contracts

You will be comfortable building relationships with and proactively reaching out to stakeholders within our clients and their supply chain to make sure the contracting process is where deals move fastest.

You will be at ease reviewing and commenting on contractual clauses. You'll also be happy to manage relationships with Greywing's and their clients' legal advisors to get to a swift resolution of any amendments.

Your role primarily will be on the commercial side of the business reporting directly to the CEO.

When you are not focused on the contracting side of the business you will have the opportunity to build relationships with partners in the start-up eco-system and help Greywing build relationships with clients and peers in the industry.

We expect you to be the Lead for commercial so you'll have to make this happen, lay out your framework of how you want to execute, choose the best software tools to help you get the task done, and ensure that you can build rapport, relationships and secure buy in from all stakeholders involved in Greywing's customer relationships.

Shipping is about to pop as a laggard industry in the adoption of technology. Working with Greywing you get to be at the forefront of the digitisation of one of the few remaining trillion-dollar industries.

Who are we?

Greywing is a maritime intelligence tool that enables ship managers to conduct operations and save thousands of dollars by providing actionable insight into the decisions they make. Simply put, we process hundreds of thousands of points of information about a vessel to tell them where it should go and what it should do.

We are backed by the people at Y Combinator, Instacart and Flexport. We work with the world's largest ship managers and operators to make the global shipping network more efficient while protecting the people who make sure our world runs smoothly.

In the past year, we've conducted charter flight operations for vessels calling at Singapore, helped evacuate wounded crew that would not have been possible otherwise, and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted fuel and resources.

For a deeper technical overview of our software, you can read our Hacker News Launch.

For the insatiably curious, you may find more information on our blog or our CTO's Writing.

Why we need you

Maritime software is still in its infancy. Do a quick Google and you'll see that interfaces look like they were designed on FrontPage in 2008 - and this is the state across the ecosystem. Decisions that govern millions of dollars in cargo and hundreds of thousands of tons of iron and steel are made through excel sheets, email, and pencil and paper. We have a rare opportunity to lay down how maritime will interact digitally for the next decade, if we get this right.

The Team

Our CEO is a former Royal Marine Commando that has built a business in maritime from nothing to 4 million in turnover.

Our CTO has published multiple papers across technology, from Formal verification in cryptocurrencies, human-computer interaction, embedded glucose monitoring to baseline optimization in chemistry and physics. He has also built software and hardware serving hundreds of thousands of users across southeast Asia, in fintech, insurtech, robotics, for companies like National Geographic, Ethereum, and SGX.

Our Stack

Backend: NodeJS, Express, Postgres, Redis

Frontend: PlainJS, Bootstrap (migrating to React or Vue)


Full time role, fully remote if outside Singapore. Payment and salaries are compatible with Gitlab's compensation calculator, with competitive equity.

How to apply

See our CEO, Nick Clarke's, top tips for recording an awesome Loom here.

If you're interested, please reach out to jointheteam @ with a short Loom video answering the following questions (or any you'd like):

  1. What should we know about you? Background, capabilities, what you think your strengths are.
  2. What interests you about us?
  3. Tell us a little about the most memorable project you've worked on. What were the hardest parts? What were the best moments?
  4. Break down what you love about working on the commercial side of a business, what does the future look like to you?

About the interview

There are quite a few steps but we can get through these in as little as a week.

1st Initial meeting with CEO (Co-founder)

2nd Interview with Commercial Team Member

3rd Interview with CTO (Co-founder)

4th - Take-home work assessment to test attention to detail and speed of execution

5th Confirmatory interview with CEO (Co-founder)

6th Offer issued subject to references

7th References checks completed (10-minute phonecall)

8th Contract issued and a start date agreed

This is a guideline process, we work hard not to recruit unless someone is a great candidate who will fit in well with our team. We are looking for top performers and that is why the process is so thorough.

Why you should join Greywing

Greywing is a digital platform that tracks ships and optimises everything that gets on or off.

We connect hundreds of public and private data sources - like satellite tracking, crew and fuel reports, GDS, and port restrictions - to provide immediately actionable intelligence on vessel operations.

Our efforts are currently focused on making crew changes cheaper and faster, and in making sure the thousands of men and women who keep our economies functional get home safely to their loved ones.

We work with two of the largest ship operators globally to digitize their operations. They give us the real life experience to automate their businesses and our vision is to deploy the same techniques to the long tail, creating a single operational platform for shipping.

Team Size:9
Location:Singapore, Singapore
Nick Clarke
Nick Clarke
Hrishi Olickel
Hrishi Olickel