Open source feature flagging and A/B testing

Senior Software Engineer

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3+ years
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Graham McNicoll
Graham McNicoll

About the role

We are looking for a senior full stack engineer to join our small and growing team. This role is fully remote, but we do prefer candidates in US timezones so everyone has some overlapping work hours. As an early employee, you will have immense impact on the product and business.

Some of the problems you’ll be working on

  • Realtime Feature Flag Analytics. When a developer pushes code live, they want to know two things right away - “Did I just break anything?” and “Is anyone using my new feature?”. APM tools like NewRelic only get you part of the way there and we want to build a truly comprehensive solution.
  • Robust SQL Test Suite. We support 8 different SQL data sources, from Postgres to BigQuery to PrestoDB, and each of them have their own quirks and bugs that we need to work around. Supporting this at scale will require building robust automated test suites and provisioning complex cloud infrastructure on demand.
  • Streaming Features Service. When someone toggles a feature flag in GrowthBook, we want it to propagate to all of their clients around the world within seconds. And we need to do this reliably (99.999% uptime) and at scale (billions of requests).


  • Expert in JavaScript (Typescript), React, and Node.js
  • Solid understanding of both SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Experience building large web applications from scratch
  • Fluent English and good communication skills
  • Startup experience or interest working in a small company
  • Bonus: Contributed to an open-source project
  • Bonus: Used feature flags or A/B testing at a previous company
  • Bonus: Built data-heavy analytics applications


  • 100% remote work from anywhere (within US time zones)
  • Health, Vision, and Dental benefits (we cover 100% of the cost for employees and 95% for dependents)
  • Generous tech stipend for your home office (or coworking space)
  • Regular off-sites in exciting places

GrowthBook is an equal opportunity employer, and is committed to creating an inclusive, supportive environment for all employees.

We regret that we cannot sponsor employment visas at this time, although we can make exceptions for H1B transfers.

About the interview

All interviews are remote and done over Zoom or Google Meet.

  1. 30 minute intro call with one of the co-founders
    • Talk about your background, career goals, and see if the role is good fit for what you're looking for
  2. 45 minute technical interview
    • Answer some general questions like "what are SQL joins?"
    • Share your screen and use an editor and language of your choice to solve a real-world technical problem (i.e. no linked lists or LeetCode). Feel free to use Google or Stack Overflow as needed (it's an important skill to have!)
  3. 45 minute systems design interview
    • Talk through how you would architect a complex system at scale and the trade-offs to consider
  4. 30 minute behavioral/values interview
    • Questions like "Tell us about a time you had a disagreement at work and how you dealt with it"
  5. Offer!

Why you should join GrowthBook

At GrowthBook, we are building an open source feature flagging and A/B testing platform. If you love the data and engineering challenges faced by large tech companies, but want the ownership and flexibility of a small startup, then GrowthBook is for you.

We are a small team, distributed across the US, and backed by YCombinator and Khosla Ventures. We’re helping companies release code quickly and confidently while measuring the impact of what they launch.

As an open source company, we are focused on bottom-up adoption and building a product that engineers love to use. We have an amazing open source community on Slack that gives us constant feedback, feature requests, and ideas. GrowthBook is already used in production by hundreds of companies and we’re just getting started!

Team Size:4
Location:Palo Alto
Jeremy Dorn
Jeremy Dorn
Graham McNicoll
Graham McNicoll