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React Native Engineer

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Philadelphia, PA, USA / Remote
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3+ years
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Andrew Nakkache

About the role

We are seeking a React Native pro with demonstrated expertise in design, development, testing and release of business-critical mobile apps. We have two 'internal' apps that, although have met the business requirements for the past 2 years, also have several opportunities to improve leaps and bounds from a UI/UX, reliability, and performance perspective.

  • Runner App: Essentially a bootstrapped version of the Uber Eats driver app. Basic view / complete tasks, view / pick up shifts, view completed orders and tasks functionality.
  • Restaurant App: A tablet the restaurants keeps at the front-of-house, used to receive inbound deliveries from online partners, or request a driver for a call in order.

Our ideal candidate is especially proficient and passionate about UI/UX, identifies additional areas of improvement readily, enjoys short and impactful software development cycles, and is eventually looking to grow into a full-on Product Owner at an established and growing YC startup!

Goals for this job:

  • Improve user experience for managing inbound orders (restaurant app)
  • Create an intuitive onboarding experience (runner app)
  • Improve background-geolocation reliability / deeper integration with react-native-maps (restaurant app)
  • Integrate Code Push for hot deployments (both)
  • Maintain versioning, update libraries as necessary (both)
  • Establish testing architecture and writing UI tests (both)

Work expectations:

  • Remote (in person if you're in Philadelphia)
  • 20-40 hours/week
  • Github normal PR flow / Asana for project tracking

Questions for applicants to answer:

  • How long have you been working with React Native?
  • How much experience do you have with underlying iOS / Android development?
  • What tools do you use for prototyping designs?
  • Any mockups / prototypes / open source work?

Why you should join Habitat Logistics

Habitat is a logistics solution for restaurants seeking a drop-in delivery solution for their online, third-party, and call-in orders. We provide a tablet to restaurants that aggregates their orders, and allows them to request a driver. To put it simply, there's no consumer facing app - to the end customer, we ARE the restaurant.

We've been in business for 3 years, and are established in the Philadelphia metro area and Newark, Delaware. As recently funded graduates from the Winter 2019 YCombinator batch, we are poised to enter an additional 3 markets by the end of this year.