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Harmonic Discovery

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Multi-targeted therapeutics to treat complex diseases

We are a drug discovery company developing a new generation of therapeutics that embrace the complexity of disease. Currently available approaches for creating drugs work on the principal of finding one drug-one protein 'magic bullets'. However, diseases such as cancer and autoimmunity are often the result of several dysregulated proteins across many distinct biological pathways. We are building a computational-experimental platform to design therapeutics that can target several disease-causing proteins at once. By designing multi-specific drugs, we are able to create therapeutics that are more efficacious and safer than existing medicines.

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Harmonic Discovery
Team Size:7
Location:New York

Active Founders

Jason Lee

Working on drug discovery

Marcel Patek

I am a chemist with training in Medicinal, Organic, Computational, and Peptide chemistry. In my 25+ years in the field, I carried out drug discovery projects involving small molecules and peptides. I worked in environments of startup and global large pharma companies where I led teams and departments in all aspects of early drug discovery. I currently focus on merging experience-based knowledge of molecular optimization with ML/AI systems.

Rayees Rahman

Scientist and startup founder