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We engineer drugs with targeted polypharmacology

Cheminformatics and Deep Learning Intern, Fall 2021-Winter 2022 at Harmonic Discovery

New York City / Remote
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Jason Lee
Jason Lee

About the role

About Us

Based in NYC, Harmonic Discovery is a biotechnology company leveraging biology, medicinal chemistry, and machine learning to create a new generation of therapeutics for oncology and autoimmune disorders.

We look for passionate innovators, radical thinkers, and collaborative builders. It’s time to integrate our understanding of biology and chemistry with better AI to make superior cures that make a difference in people’s lives.

Harmonic Discovery is backed by top tier venture firms. We are also a YCombinator company.

Job Description

Harmonic Discovery is looking for a Cheminformatics and Deep Learning Intern. We are recruiting undergraduate and graduate students to train deep learning models, build large-scale chemical databases and help create the next generation of cancer drugs.

Harmonic Discovery offers a hands-on ML experience for interested computational chemistry students. You will work on huge datasets, find interesting patterns, and develop state of the art cheminformatics tools. You will also be strongly involved in the design and development of the Harmonic Discovery Cheminformatics Platform.

Harmonic Discovery is committed to a multicultural environment and strongly encourages applications from women and underrepresented minorities.


• Undergraduate or Graduate student enthusiastic about machine learning and drug discovery

• Experience in the Python programming language

• Experience with Python libraries such as matplotlib, scikitlearn, numpy, etc.

• Experience with cheminformatics toolkits, such as RDkit, MarvinSketch, JChem, etc.

• Experience in bash and shell scripting

• Experience in training and evaluating machine learning models deployed in Python

• Great communication skills and ability to communicate effectively using tools such as Powerpoint.

Preferred Skills

• Experience with deep learning platforms, such as TensorFlow, H2O.ai, and PyTorch.

• Experience with generative machine learning models for chemistry.

What We Offer

• Work from anywhere! Come by the office if you feel like it, or don’t. Your call. Feel free to work from anywhere in the US if you have a stable internet connection and can sync your calendar’s time zone with the team’s.

• You will work closely with the entire team, from the scientists to the CEO.

• No busy work here, you’ll work on projects that have an immediate and obvious impact to the company.

Harmonic Discovery is an equal opportunity employer. Harmonic Discovery recruits and employs regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, veteran status, and other protected status as required by applicable law.

Why you should join Harmonic Discovery

We are a drug discovery company developing a new generation of therapeutics that embrace the complexity of disease. Currently available approaches for creating drugs work on the principal of finding one drug-one protein 'magic bullets'. However, diseases such as cancer and autoimmunity are often the result of several dysregulated proteins across many distinct biological pathways.

We are building a computational-experimental platform to design therapeutics that can target several disease-causing proteins at once. By designing multi-specific drugs, we are able to create therapeutics that are more efficacious and safer than existing medicines.