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Senior Software Engineer

$150K - $180K
Remote (US)
Job Type
6+ years
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Nipun Kant
Nipun Kant

About the role

The Senior Software Engineer will greatly increase product velocity and capacity by leading tactical delivery of projects.

The Senior Software Engineer will do this by being a critical, technical driver of projects, and improve and grow the skillsets of the engineers supplementing the delivery of the projects.

Outcomes from the Senior Software Engineer

  1. Demonstrate ownership of the quality and maintainability (i.e. code base health) of code bases.
  2. Lead the successful delivery of quarterly projects
  3. Level up the team
  4. Exhibits deep product understanding and strategy


  • Craft: takes pride in what they deliver
  • Clear communicator: able to succinctly and effectively communicate verbally and written technical and non-technical ideas and topics
  • Challenge directly; care personally: Able to provide tough feedback in a clear and concise manner that does not diminish or belittle the recipient.
  • Challenge directly; care personally: able to provide and receive constructive, well founded opinions in discussions and are not married to one’s own.
  • Pragmatic: doesn’t let perfect be the enemy of good
  • Flexible: Ability to maintain order in an ever changing environment

Technical skills (3-5)

  • Expert in at least one programming language (eg: JavaScript, Python, Node, etc)
  • Good, practical understanding of advanced design patterns and paradigms, programming principles, and anti-patterns and code smells.
  • Basic understanding of a web application stack including the web browser, React, SQL, and NoSQL. Does not need to be fullstack, but cannot be ignorant in any major part of the web application stack.

About Haven

Haven is re-imagining the $11 trillion U.S. mortgage industry, with a focus on engaging the 53 million homeowners with a mortgage. The incumbent technologies used by mortgage lenders and servicers are decades old, and the borrowers who are served by them increasingly demand modern digital experiences and frictionless financial products throughout the home journey. Haven’s mission is to deliver them at a transformational scale, and to improve lives in one of the world’s largest asset classes.

The company is well capitalized and backed by top fintech and mortgage venture funds and led by seasoned veterans of tech startups and financial marketplaces.

Team Size:7
Location:New York
Nipun Kant
Nipun Kant