Health Harbor

Health Harbor

Using generative AI to call insurance for healthcare clinics

We use generative AI to call insurance on behalf of healthcare clinics. We save clinics up to 40 hours of calls every week over existing outsourced human solutions. Compared to the existing solutions for benefits verifications: - We're faster -- by default, we have a turnaround of 24 hours compared to typically a 3 day turnaround for competitors - We can reach more payors -- as long as they have a phone line, we can support calling them for benefits. There's quite a few payors in both medical and dental (e.g. Seledent) that have yet to offer a digital retrieval of benefits - We're reliable and consistent -- there is no person-to-person variation or question skipping when it comes to working with software

Health Harbor
Team Size:2
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Surbhi Sarna

Active Founders

Alan Liu

Alan is the CEO and co-founder of Health Harbor. As a technical CEO, He has five years of previous software experience in AI at Meta and Nuro. While building a hearing aid for himself at Yale, his experiences with medical insurance shaped his conviction to improve the billing process for doctors and patients. Outside of Health Harbor, Alan is an aspiring sushi chef.

Nathan Amin

Nathan is the co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Health Harbor. After earning his degree in Computer Engineering from Brown University, Nathan quickly became know as a Swiss Army Knife at an early stage medical device startup that went public four years after its inception. He both aligned the team on product strategy and built the product as a designer and software engineer. His aunt is a dentist and first came to him with problems about working with insurance.

Nathan Amin
Nathan Amin
Health Harbor

Company Launches

Hey everyone! We are Nathan, Alan, and Gloria from Health Harbor.

TL;DR: Private practices spend hours every week talking with insurance trying to determine fee coverage so patients don't end up with a surprise bill. Health Harbor uses AI to automate billing for private practices by having an AI call insurance on their behalf. Check us out: https://healthharbor.co

The Problem

Imagine spending almost 100 million hours on the phone with medical insurance. Trust us, medical providers can. Over 230,000 private practices in the US spend more than 8 hours every week sitting on the line with insurance trying to determine the amount insurance will cover.

The Solution

Health Harbor relieves doctors’ offices from needing to call insurance. Instead they can simply submit requests through Health Harbor’s HIPAA certified portal.

Furthermore, by enabling admin to quickly request coverage on specific procedure codes, Health Harbor allows physicians to perform more procedures in fewer visits thus compressing revenue cycles from 4 weeks to 1 week.

The Team

We are Nathan, Alan and Gloria. Nathan comes from an early stage startup, Liminal Sciences, that went public with Hyperfine four years after its inception where he aligned the team on product strategy and built the product as a designer and software engineer. In Alan’s past life, he wrote software for AI systems like speaker identification at Meta’s Portal and prediction of occluded objects at Nuro. As for Gloria, she planned multi-year growth trajectories while at Bain and the Gates Foundation.

The Ask

  1. Customer Intros: Please reach out to us at founders@healthharbor.co
    • If you currently call health insurance,
    • If you personally know anyone who complains about calling insurance (including dentists and any other private practice physicians),
    • If you know anyone in private equity firms that manage private practices.
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