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Senior Rust Engineer at Hedgehog

Job Type
3+ years
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Taylor Culbertson
Taylor Culbertson

About the role


You will lead the development of our Rust APIs and services. This is primarily a backend role, though some knowledge of frontend processes and web3 technologies is preferred.

As a fintech and cryptocurrency company, both security and reliability are key considerations, and the work you accomplish will have a significant impact on all parts of the business. You must have a keen eye for detail and be comfortable building systems that deal with user funds across traditional banking, decentralized finance, and data aggregation work flows.

Key Skills

  • tokio, async-std, or equivalent
  • actix, hyper, or equivalent
  • juniper or appsync
  • aws-sdk-rust or rusoto crates
  • clippy
  • Fuzzing, Security & Vulnerability Scans
  • Knowledge of Privacy / User Data Protections

Preferred Experience

  • Strong working experience with microservices, RESTful APIs, GraphQL, and large-scale distributed applications
  • Hands-on experience with various database technologies
  • Deep understanding of both technical and non-technical requirements in the areas of system performance, scalability, latency, reliability, and security
  • Fintech / Mission Critical experience
  • Incident Prioritization & Resolution / Bug Tracking
  • Establishing Requirements for Data Quality & Deployment
  • Continuous Integration and Development
  • Build tools (eg Webpack, Cargo)
  • Usability, Performance, and Security Flows
  • Network Bandwidth Awareness

Preferred Stack

  • Rust
  • AWS
  • JS/Typescript: Node & React
  • Flutter

Why you should join Hedgehog

Hedgehog is a cryptocurrency roboadviser that connects to all your wallets and exchanges to help you find the best price anywhere. We connect to over 170 exchanges and 550 wallets with over 2000 actively traded cryptocurrencies, so you can track all your funds no matter where they are.

We're making cryptocurrency easy to understand, acquire, hold, trade, stake, and use; especially for mom and dad.