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Senior Front-end Engineer - Design Lead at Hedgehog

Job Type
3+ years
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Taylor Culbertson
Taylor Culbertson

About the role


As the primary UI/UX designer, you would be leading both mobile and web experiences, and have a huge impact on every aspect of the business from usability to branding. You’ll be building and creating flows that span cryptocurrency trading, education, research, wallet management, and traditional fintech banking processes.

At Hedgehog, we’re trying to simplify all these complicated financial and crypto tools for the everyday user while injecting elements of flash, fun, & artistic flare throughout the experience. Customer needs will drive the ship and your designs will put the wind in our sails.

Key Skills

  • CSS wizardry and styling libraries
  • Wireframes & prototyping tools (eg Figma, Zeppelin, Sketch, Proto.io)
  • Design Thinking and Human Centered Design practices
  • Knowledge of Apple’s Human Interface Guide / Google’s Material Design
  • Ethnographic interviews and usability testing
  • Theoretical and practical training in Human Factors
  • Graphic design software (eg Adobe Suite, vector art, raster art)

Preferred Qualities

  • Excellent communicator, verbal, written, and visual
  • Creative and artistic flare
  • Strong opinion on usability and stylistic trends
  • Deep technical knowledge of design implementation

Preferred Experience

  • Animation and transitions
  • UI/UX design
  • Front-end development and releases
  • Multi-device layouts
  • Branding and graphic design

Preferred Stack

  • Flutter / Dart
  • React
  • Objective C / Swift
  • Java / Kotlin
  • Rust / WASM

Why you should join Hedgehog

Hedgehog is a cryptocurrency roboadviser that connects to all your wallets and exchanges to help you find the best price anywhere. We connect to over 170 exchanges and 550 wallets with over 2000 actively traded cryptocurrencies, so you can track all your funds no matter where they are.

We're making cryptocurrency easy to understand, acquire, hold, trade, stake, and use; especially for mom and dad.