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General Counsel at Hedgehog

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3+ years
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Taylor Culbertson
Taylor Culbertson

About the role


You will lead legal for a young cryptocurrency company that aims to bridge the worlds of centralized and decentralized finance, so alongside the usual corporate legal requirements, you will be dealing with state laws regarding money transmitter licenses, gray regulatory regimes at the intersection of digital securities and digital commodities, and multiple federal agencies including the SEC, FINRA, CFTC, FinCEN, and others. We are looking for someone solution-oriented, with a high tolerance for ambiguity and passion for tricky regulatory puzzles.

Hedgehog values legitimacy and fair dealing, and you will support that mission across every relevant jurisdiction globally, including but not limited to the US, Europe, and Singapore. This role will also advise on relevant regulatory issues pertaining to the development and implementation of new products and services, such as KYC/AML requirements, MSB, securities regulation, CFAA requirements, in addition to supporting the company’s broader growth by advising on compensation, employment, tax, intellectual property, and data privacy issues. This role will engage proactively with the rest of the company, including the operations, research, product, engineering, finance, and business development teams to advance the company’s mission.


  • Navigate the global regulatory landscape for the organization, pertaining to investment advice, money transmission, and custody of client funds
  • Drive legal support for product development and corporate operations
  • Research laws and regulations in the US and relevant foreign jurisdictions to aid strategic decisions on business opportunities
  • Build from scratch a streamlined legal operation process that can grow with the startup
  • Select, engage, and manage outside counsel across relevant jurisdictions, economically
  • Planning, drafting, and execution of corporate documents
  • Keep up with legal trends in blockchain and digital assets and provide up-to-date regulatory analysis

Key Skills

  • Critical and creative approach to problem solving, with ability to communicate to non-legal team members
  • Engage constructively with internal and external stakeholders, including regulators
  • Independent and self-motivated
  • Proactive and collaborative attitude and ability to work cross-functionally within the organization
  • Familiarity with blockchain, distributed ledger technology, and decentralized finance

Preferred Experience

  • Service at another cryptocurrency custodian or DeFi organization

Preferred Stack

  • Carta
  • Rippling
  • Github
  • Google Suite

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