We capture atmospheric carbon dioxide and stabilize the world's oceans

Electrical Engineer - Carbon Capture

$80k - $140k / 0.05% - 0.10%
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Any (new grads ok)
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Erik Millar
Erik Millar

About the role


Heimdal builds machines that remove atmospheric CO2 and stabilize the oceans. Every year, 40 billion tonnes of CO2 is released. We use electricity to remove the excess acidity from seawater that has been caused by climate change and simultaneously extract atmospheric carbon dioxide to restore stability to the oceans. We're building a scalable, profitable solution, today.

We are working with established multinationals to supply them with the highest quality carbon credits available and are partnered with some of the largest desalination facilities in the world to bring our soluton to market at scale quicker. We are completing our pilot facility on the Island of Hawai’i in partnership with the solar desalination facility owned and operated by Terraformation in Q2 2022. Our next project will be to construct the largest carbon removal facility in the world.


  • Integrating Heimdal's carbon capture system with utility-scale electricity grid whilst minimising costs and maximising speed
  • Understanding the entirety of the system and being able to adapt quickly to work on unfamiliar problems
  • Being creative when problem-solving to come up with unconventional solutions which reduce costs significantly whilst thinking 'could I build this/do this myself?'
  • Collaborating on the wiring design of the system and system energy budget calculations
  • Continuously analyse the whole of the system (including outside of your primary focus area) to determine changes that can allow us to capture more carbon at a lower cost. It doesn't matter how significant a change it would be - we want to know.
  • Determine aspects of the system that would benefit from R&D. Firstly, identifying fundamentals that need to be understood and then hypothesising on solutions for improvement.

We are moving fast and we are looking for people who can move as fast or faster. The position comes with significant stock options that only incentise us to move even quicker.

Why you should join Heimdal

Heimdal builds machines that permanently capture and store atmospheric CO2 and stabilize the oceans. Every year, 40 billion tonnes of CO2 is released. We use electricity to extract the acid part of seawater, which has been increasing due to increasing concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Team Size:16
Location:Kailua-Kona, HI
Marcus Lima
Marcus Lima
Erik Millar
Erik Millar