We capture atmospheric carbon dioxide and stabilize the world's oceans

Electrochemical Engineer

$60k - $130k
London, United Kingdom
Job Type
1+ years
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Marcus Lima
Marcus Lima

About the role

About Heimdal

Heimdal builds machines that remove atmospheric CO2 and stabilize the oceans. Every year, 40 billion tonnes of CO2 is released. We use electricity to alkalinize seawater and extract atmospheric carbon dioxide and restore stability to the oceans in the phase of increasing CO2 emissions. We're building a scalable, profitable solution, today.

We are working with established multinationals to supply them with the highest quality carbon credits available and are partnered with some of the largest desalination facilities in the world to bring our soluton to market at scale quicker. We are completing our pilot facility on the Island of Hawai’i in partnership with the solar desalination facility owned and operated by Terraformation in Q2 2022. Our next project will be to construct the largest carbon removal facility in the world.

You will be working out of our London HQ.

We are venture backed by Y Combinator, Cathexis Ventures, Sam Altman’s Apollo Projects, Marc Benioff and many other investors.

Objectives and responsibilities

*Lead the design and manufacture of a novel electrochemical system tailored to our carbon removal application, based in our pilot facility learnings

*Contribute to building the necessary manufacturing organization & supply chain to build and deploy the in-house design at scale

*Work with the R&D team to optimise the electrochemical portion of our system

*Provide expert practical engineering input to patent work


*Past experience designing and building electrochemical systems is hugely valuable

*Creative thinker – engage with your area of responsibility from top to bottom

*Independent mindset and want to take responsibility for driving progress without micro-management

*Experience and/or appreciation for the specific pressure and opportunities of working in a cutting edge start-up

  • Ability to understand purpose behind the area of responsibility and use this to drive decision making

Why you should join Heimdal

Heimdal builds machines that permanently capture and store atmospheric CO2 and stabilize the oceans. Every year, 40 billion tonnes of CO2 is released. We use electricity to extract the acid part of seawater, which has been increasing due to increasing concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Team Size:6
Location:Kailua-Kona, HI
Marcus Lima
Marcus Lima
Erik Millar
Erik Millar