Sync data from data warehouses to business systems

Senior Front-end Software engineer

$18k - $36k / 0.00% - 0.05%
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3+ years
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Felipe Abello
Felipe Abello

About the role

Engineers on the team today:

  • Work in React.js primarily.
  • Have Experience with Next.js.
  • Work building using a Web MicroApplication approach.
  • Supportive—especially when teammates are faced with new challenges
  • Are left to autonomously figure out the solutions to their challenges
  • Put themselves in the shoes of our users to craft a great experience
  • Value clear, frequent communication (we do a lot of reading & writing)
  • Enjoy being a generalist and are not tied down to a specific programming language or surface area of our codebase
  • Are naturally curious and willing to take a step to learn something they don’t have experience in
  • Feel a great sense of accountability to each other
  • Uphold best practices in engineering, security, and design

Skills & Experience

  • 5+ years of working full-time as a software engineer
  • A fundamental understanding visual interfaces on how NoCode tools work.

Why you should join HelloGuru

HelloGuru is a data connector and aggregator with SQL-free technology that works with every data source.

Our aggregation engine blends users' disparate data sources such as PostgreSQL databases and SAAS tools like Hubspot, Stripe, or Jira.

Using SQL-free technology, users can query all their data sources as one without the need of writing any code.

Team Size:7
Location:San Francisco
Felipe Abello
Felipe Abello
Angela Castillo
Angela Castillo