Calendar app to prepare, join and follow-up on virtual meetings

Founding Product Designer at Hera

$60k - $100k / 0.50% - 1.50%
Office in Paris / Remote
Job Type
3+ years
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Louise Bayssat
Louise Bayssat

About the role

Hera is a product-led company, and product design is at the core of what we do. When using Hera, our users should be and feel more productive.

You will love working with us if you can see yourself in the following traits:

Ownership & clarity

  • You own the solutions you craft: you can explain clearly why you believe it will address the related problem.
  • You need minimal guidance to come up with creative solutions to problems and you ask for help when you lack context

Empathy for the customer, with a sweet drop of pragmatism

  • Your north star is not about how the product looks but more about who the user becomes with our product.
  • You naturally challenge the features suggested by our users and always come back to the problem they want to see solved

Working with uncertainty, with critical thinking

  • You are able to explore a large solution space by formulating explicit hypotheses and quickly crossing dead ends.
  • You know your blindspots and always make sure to valide these hypotheses with user research, tests, data analyses...

At Hera, your top priority will be to craft the best experience for our users to stay on top of their meetings and overall their time.

Why you should join Hera

We are building the new generation of calendar app, built for remote work and digital work.

A calendar that:

  • Acknowledges the full lifecycle of a meeting, including the work to do before, during, and after a meeting.
  • Integrates nicely with your other tools (CRM, task management, notes) so that users have the right context before a meeting, and push the right outcomes after a meeting
  • Removes frictions around the actions you take every day, especially scheduling.

We've started working on Hera in February 2021. We don't have a team of 50 engineers nor a defined product-market fit. Our single best asset is our velocity: how fast we can iterate and learn.

  • We currently live and work in Paris, France.
  • Hera is a distributed company. In the first years, we try to have everyone in a timezone between GTM+0 and GTM+4