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SMBs in Latam use our WhatsApp bot and corporate cards to organize their expenses

Team Size:5
Location:Panama City, Panama
Group Partner:Dalton Caldwell

Active Founders

Alvaro Sosa

Founder at Hero

Alvaro Sosa
Alvaro Sosa

Fernando Varela

Ex quant. I like gaming, math puzzles and cooking. Specially cooking, food in general. I mostly experiment on using low lactose alternatives (like goat cheese) to make lactose heavy meals (like cacio e pepe).

Fernando Varela
Fernando Varela

Company Launches

Hey YC 👋

Alvaro and Fernando from @Hero here!

Hero is Bill for Latam.

98 SMBs use our corporate cards and WhatsApp bot to organize their expenses.

Companies without Hero

When people spend on behalf of their company, they have to save those receipts. Some get lost, some get erased, and some become a source of questioning. What was that receipt for?

Eventually someone makes a spreadsheet, prints it out, and staples it to corresponding receipts. His/her boss approves these by signing with a pen.

Later on, an accountant transcribes these into some sort of accounting software.

It takes months for decision makers in the company to know how much they are really spending.

Companies with Hero

An employee uses his/her Hero Card to make a purchase. He/she immediately receives a WhatsApp message from our bot, asking for a picture of the receipt.

Users use our webapp to create reports and manage reimbursements.
All expenses go through Hero’s OCR engine.

Accountants use our webapp to export expense information to their accounting software of choice.

Decision makers see in realtime how much their company is spending.

Why We Built This

Alvaro was managing the expenses for a remote company. Employees would send him pictures of receipts via WhatsApp along with a typed out table, asking for reimbursement.

We hacked away a no-front-end version that saved Alvaro 2 hours per week. We eventually polished the product and started selling it.

How can you help us?

If you’re in Latam and you spend time reporting expenses or dealing with receipts, reach out to us!

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