Heroic Story

Massively multiplayer tabletop RPG platform for web3.

Full Stack Software Engineer

$80k - $180k
Los Angeles / Remote ()
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3+ years
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Jay Rosenkrantz
Jay Rosenkrantz

About the role

At Heroic Story, we're building Legends of Fortunata: a massively multiplayer tabletop RPG franchise for web3.

Join our engineering team and help us build innovative and high impact blockchain powered experiences!

The Mission 🚀

Creating stories can be fun and beautiful, and also a huge pain. We're turning the production of stories into a multiplayer game, and helping storytellers — the most under-rewarded creators in history — capture more value from their writing, art, and creativity.

We're doing this by building a massively multiplayer tabletop RPG platform. It gives storytellers superpowers - the tools to build deep and meaningful connected RPG experiences with their fans, and a 10x more efficient economy than anything that currently exists.

Legends of Fortunata is the first franchise for this platform, and we're building it with our team and our growing community.

The role ⛑️

We're looking for someone to own substantial portions of the product. You'll be working directly with the founders and a team of senior engineers to make sure our product, tech, and design goals are met. Join us on this epic journey and help us shape the creator economy of tomorrow!🚀

Our Co-founders 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

The brothers Rosenkrantz — Jay and Scott — have shipped VR games, built virtual influencers on Twitch, and popular entertainment across all media including film and television. During the Internet poker boom of the 2000s, Jay was one of the top online poker players in the world (he even starred on a reality television show that he co-created)!

Some of the top writers and storytellers in the world (Marvel, Star Wars) are contributing to our shared world, and we're well-capitalized with funding from top entertainment and crypto funds, and gaming industry angels including the co-founder of Twitch and co-founder of Kabam. You can't build web3 D&D in a day (and crypto is volatile!) so we're well equipped to weather any bear markets.

Hard problems we're solving 🎯

Help digital creators get paid what they deserve: We're turning the production of stories into a multiplayer game, and helping writers and artists — the most under-rewarded creators in history — capture more value from their work.

Build a web 3 platform, which doesn’t sacrifice premium experience for decentralization: bridging the gap between blockchain technologies and the best experiences web 2 has to offer.

Smart contract extensibility: we're making a virtual economy and we want people to make a living from our gaming platform — that's the level of impact our smart contracts and apps will have. They'll need high reliability, extensibility, and thoughtful separation of concerns. We want to grow our games and offerings over time, and we'll need to think through how we release our smart contracts so that they can last many years.

Multi-chain interoperability. If we build a game on Eth and someone wants to build on top of our work using Solana, how do we enable that?

Consumer messaging, onboarding, and security. We think entertainment and games are going to be the on ramp for many people in the world of crypto. Current onboarding experiences are rough at best and we're helping our community by building better education and UX using Discord, Discord bots, web apps, and mobile apps. We also need to help everyone stay secure by sharing continually evolving best practices.

What you might do in first 60 days 🗓️

  • Help us launch season 1 of a game show, shipping code that powers a giant entertainment spectacle the likes of which the world has never seen 🔥
  • Build a beautiful NFT collecting experience AND an amazing UI for streaming of our games on Twitch & YouTube
  • Learn from blockchain experts we've sourced on best practices in web3
  • Write Smart Contracts
  • Learn bleeding-edge services & frameworks like chainlink vrf & Thirdweb SDK


  1. LinkedIn (preferred) or resume
  2. Github repo (preferred) or code snippet you think is representative
  3. Include a note that explains what you are looking for, and what honestly draws you to Heroic Story and this role.
  4. (Optional) Writing you've done, games or entertainment projects you've created, or anything else you think is relevant

Required Skills

You will be successful on our team if you:

  • Write code for 1. other humans to read; and 2. for machines to optimally execute
  • Are capable of operating autonomously
  • Like to cover your work with unit tests
  • Are flexible in switching context and working on what’s important today
  • Work well within a team and can effectively communicate (async & realtime)
  • Have experience with our current technology stack (Docker/Node/TypeScript/React/GraphQL/Next) or equivalent technologies
  • Have built SPA’s, client-server applications, micro-services and/or API’s
  • Can work with SQL & NoSQL db’s
  • Have a working knowledge of dev ops
  • Have an understanding of the way Smart Contracts work

Bonus points

  • Previous experience working on defi/NFT projects
  • Experience building games
  • Direct experience on a high growth consumer product
  • Writer, artist, or storyteller

Company values and what it's like to work here

During our YC batch, we were considered one of the most fun companies! That feeling of fun during the work week permeates the culture we are building. You can read more about our core values and team here: https://www.notion.so/heroicstory/Jobs-at-Heroic-Story-e632e23e8788404a9548acba24b7bc25

Why you should join Heroic Story

We're building a massively multiplayer mod of the world's most popular roleplaying game. We're making the game way more accessible by combining excellent matchmaking with fantastic dungeon masters who govern a shared, living world.

We're well-capitalized to build for the long run, with funding from top entertainment and crypto funds, and gaming industry angels including the co-founder of Twitch and co-founder of Kabam. The impact of decentralized technologies on the world will be seismic, and we're at the beginning of the next dotcom boom. Web 3 tools are in their infancy and blockchain computing faces significant challenges. We're going to solve so many interesting problems and build the most knowledgeable and talented creative community in the world. Join us on the wild ride and help pioneer how these technologies will impact the future of meaningful storytelling and entertainment.

Heroic Story
Team Size:11
Location:Los Angeles, CA
Jay Rosenkrantz
Jay Rosenkrantz
Scott Rosenkrantz
Scott Rosenkrantz