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Enterprise Account Executive

$100K - $200K / 0.05% - 0.20%
New York, NY, US
Job Type
3+ years
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Johannes Jaeckle
Johannes Jaeckle

About the role

The opportunity

  • Huge untapped revenue potential: Heron is growing quickly, but we have historically under-invested in sales. Of our 100+ customers, all but a few were acquired directly by one of our founders (Jamie). Our current lead list is much larger than we can deal with. As our first US-based sales hire, you will lead the charge as we dramatically ramp up, and have the opportunity to share in our growth and earn significant upside via commission.
  • Personal growth opportunities: as we grow, we’re able to offer Herons larger and different opportunities that are aligned with their interests. You’ll be one of our first sales hires with the opportunity to establish yourself as a star. Depending on your ambitions, this role could develop in many ways: closing very large and complex enterprise deals, a sales leadership role, or leading go-to-market for product expansions - just to name a few options.
  • An environment where you can do your best work: we promote an outcome-focused, low-bureaucracy work environment with an emphasis on impact. Despite our rapid growth, we’re still a lean, scrappy and ambitious team that is committed to our customers. The ideal candidate will value and thrive in this type of environment.

What you’ll do

  • Full sales cycle: as an Enterprise Account Executive, you will handle the full sales cycle, including prospecting for and qualifying leads, and moving those leads through to close. You’ll use a mix of high-volume outbound and more specific, account-based techniques. You’ll also work with our product and engineering team to identify and prioritize features that prospective customers need.
  • Across the business: a unique opportunity to work across our business: interacting with many prospects every day, building deep relationships with customers as they become users while also having a front-row seat and input into how we build our product.
  • Be present with our customers: working out of our New York office in Brooklyn, you’ll be comfortable traveling regularly across the US to conferences, industry events, and customer sites to ensure we are top of mind for decision makers in our customers.

What we're looking for

  • Our ideal hire will have:
    • Demonstrated sales excellence: 3+ years selling to enterprises with a track record of high achievement and quota attainment. SaaS and/ or financial services experience preferred.
    • Experience across the sales funnel: from sourcing to closing.
    • Technical chops: comfort with selling a technical product (e.g. that uses APIs, AI/ LLMs).
    • Entrepreneurial spirit: an ownership mindset, results-driven and ability to move quickly. Bonus if you are an ex-founder or previous first/ early sales hire.
  • Above all else, we value people who want to make an impact in their work. Here are some of the behaviors that we expect the ideal candidate will exhibit:
    • Be scrappy and creative: when faced with an obstacle, you will either overcome it by pure determination, or find an unusual approach to navigate it.
    • Be persistent: you may not always find the right answer or person immediately, but you're motivated to keep on trying until you do so. You’ll go the extra mile - including Flying to Gainesville - if that’s what it takes.
    • Be metrics-driven: you thrive on meeting and smashing through your targets, and are motivated by having your impact on the business measured and visible.
    • Excited to work in a fast-paced, high-growth, team-based environment: we aim to move quickly and decisively, but together. You’ll be a great team player, and do what it takes for the team to succeed. You value diversity and inclusion in the workplace and understand best practices for building products and a business as part of a team.

What you can expect as a Heron

  • Competitive compensation, including salary, commission and equity
  • Based full time in our NYC office with regular travel
  • Thursday company lunches (always vegan-friendly!)
  • Top-of-the-line equipment
  • Travel to the UK/ in the US for company retreats
  • Free mental health support via Spill
  • Remote December: we go remote for 6 weeks in Dec/Jan to facilitate long home visits or other extensive yearly travel
  • Health, dental and vision care coverage with partial coverage for dependents
  • 401K
  • Parental leave

Applicants from any background, and gender are welcome and we have a zero tolerance policy on discrimination.

About the interview

  1. Initial conversation
  2. Take-home task
  3. Interview with team (~3 hours in person in our office in Brooklyn)
  4. References

About Heron Data

We are Heron Data, a Series A stage company based in London, UK and New York, US.

  • At Heron, we empower small businesses by revolutionizing access to credit through automation. Our cutting-edge technology eliminates manual processes, equipping lenders with the speed, precision, and fairness needed to underwrite loans efficiently and impartially.
  • We’re at the forefront of enabling B2B banks and lenders to provide credit at scale and with more confidence. By using ML techniques, we dive deep into first-party data sources such as bank transactions, statements or application documents, eliminating the need for human intervention. This allows us to produce a comprehensive summary of small businesses quickly and accurately.
  • We are a rapidly growing company with over 100 B2B banks and lenders as our customers, who trust us and share their challenges with us. We analyze thousands of small businesses and over 20 million transactions daily for our customers, enabling them to gain invaluable insights into their users. From streamlining lending procedures to innovating new features like automated application processing and portfolio management, we drive speed and efficiency for our customers’ decision-making processes.
  • We are an established, humble and hungry team from diverse backgrounds and are backed by prominent investors. Our team brings together a wealth of experience from top-tier tech and finance companies like Facebook, Revolut, Deepmind and Spotify.
  • With team members from across five continents, we embrace multiculturalism and welcome diversity. From company events to everyday interactions, we make sure everyone feels included, accommodating all cultural and dietary requirements. Read more about our team here
  • Since our launch in Sep 2020, at the end of the S20 batch, we've experienced a lot of growth! Today, we serve over 100 customers and have over $3M in ARR. Read more about our story here!
Heron Data
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Johannes Jaeckle
Johannes Jaeckle
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Dominic Kwok
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Jamie Parker