Heron Data

We categorise and label bank transaction data

Full-Stack Engineer at Heron Data

$75k - $100k / 0.50% - 1.25%
London / Remote
Job Type
1+ years
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Johannes Jaeckle
Johannes Jaeckle

About the role

About us

  • We analyse bank transaction data to help other FinTechs make sense of their customers’ data, starting with making it easier for them to give loans to small-to-medium businesses. This helps to solve the credit crunch in Small Business Lending, a $65B industry in the US alone.

  • We’re an experienced team with background at top tech and finance companies like Facebook, Revolut and Spotify.

  • We’re multi-cultural and welcome diversity. Each of our team members was born on a different continent. We make sure everyone feels included in our company events and accomodate all cultural and dietary requirements.

  • We graduated from Y Combinator in 2020 and raised a $1.25M seed round. In 2021, we grew from $20k to $500k in Annual Recurring Revenue.

How we work

  • As an early employee, you’ll get to work directly with the founders and early engineers scoping out greenfield projects that you’ll be able to own end-to-end.

  • We promote an outcome-focused, low-bureaucracy, engineering-first work environment with an emphasis on delivering customer impact at high velocity.

What you'll be working on

  • We need your help expanding our feature-set and the quality of our product across many areas of our stack, from our customer-facing dashboards to optimizing the speed of our API all the way to applying more enrichments to bank transaction data.

  • We currently work mostly with React, Next.js, Vercel, Python (Flask and FastAPI), and PostgreSQL, but welcome new technologies where appropriate.

What we’re looking for

  • 2+ years commercial experience as a Software Engineering

  • Proficiency in at least one frontend and one backend programming language

  • Understanding of SQL


  • Friday company lunches (always vegan-friendly!).

  • Bi-monthly company retreats to different UK destinations (Brighton and Bath so far!).

  • Flexible work from home policy.

  • Remote December: we go remote for 6 weeks in Dec/Jan to facilitate long home visits or other extensive yearly travel.


  • Substantial equity compensation (0.5%-1.25%)

  • Competitive salary (£55k-£80k p.a.)

Why you should join Heron Data

We are Heron Data, a Y Combinator-backed technology start-up based in London, UK.

  • Our mission is to enable better financial services for all by accelerating fintech innovation
  • We are currently focused on unlocking the power of bank transaction data to help companies generate insights or build new features, e.g., enabling companies to make faster and more accurate lending decisions based on bank data
  • We are an established, humble and hungry team from diverse backgrounds and are backed by prominent investors
  • We launched in fall 2020, and since then have consistently grown revenue 10% week over week, have customers who use us every day of the week, and process well over 1M transactions daily