No-code, ready-to-use data visualizations for enterprises

Founding Member of Operations & Customer Success Team

$80k - $150k
Los Angeles / Remote
Job Type
3+ years
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Anuj Saigal
Anuj Saigal

About the role

Note: To apply, please send a resume and a short paragraph (2-3 sentences) on your interest in the role and in an early stage startup to partnerships [at] reconnectinglabs.com. No need for cover letter.

This is a unique opportunity to be the first full-time hire for a well-funded Y Combinator backed startup. The candidate will have a heavy hand in creating the Operations and Customer Success team and will work side-by-side with the CEO on business and corporate development activities.

About the company: HiGeorge (Y Combinator W21)

HiGeorge is an AI-powered data-as-a-service platform. We help companies, no matter how big or small, better leverage the world’s data to create business value.

Today, HiGeorge enables media companies to easily create compelling visualizations that are on par with the NYTimes. We do this by cleaning and aggregating datasets so that anyone can embed data visualizations into their website with a simple copy/paste, no-code required. Think Tableau with all the necessary data attached.

HiGeorge’s subscription SaaS product launched 9 months ago has grown 4x since December. Customers include large media companies such as Tribune and Scripps. The two co-founders met 20 years ago in the dorms at UC Berkeley, and have 15+ years scaling tech and enterprise sales teams.

Investors include Y Combinator, Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments (BDMI), Garage Technology Ventures, Amino Capital, MathCapital and the first Airbnb employee.

The advisory board is from The New York Times, The Guardian, and Wired. Check out examples of customers using HiGeorge at NYDailyNews and Mission Local.


Team and Mission

  • Team: Anuj Saigal (former Head of Sales Strategy & Ops at Nauto) and Amir Zohrenejad (former Engineer at Microsoft), and Jon Tien (former Head of Product at Zynga).
  • Mission: We started the company to make the world’s data usable by everyday people. No need for technical expertise. We pride ourselves on spending time to teach every team member and welcome all input as we build HiGeorge.

Job description: Founding Member of Operations & Customer Success Team

We are seeking an experienced, talented Operations and Customer Success “athlete” to join the Operations team at HiGeorge in Los Angeles or remotely anywhere around the world. You’ll be bringing your skills and expertise to design, build and scale our highly available and distributed SaaS platform and its numerous applications that make our business possible and essential to many.


  • Architect and build the operations and customer success function, including building out a team
  • Manage customer accounts, ensure flawless operations, and play the role of customer success head
  • Answer all data-related questions and troubleshoot any data-related issues
  • Understand gaps in current product and provide the product team with input/feedback on areas that need to be addressed to better meet customer requirements
  • Instrument conversion points and optimize user funnels
  • Brainstorm new and creative strategies to expand revenue per account
  • Maximize customer satisfaction through accurate and timely resolution, meeting or exceeding stated SLAs
  • Promptly report bugs to Product and Engineering teams for immediate prioritization
  • Author articles for our customer Knowledge Base

Requirements and Skills

  • You have a track record of 3+ years on teams that consistently deliver solutions to customers with the highest satisfaction
  • You have significant experience experience in client-facing roles -- consulting or professional services, or previous customer success /operations experience
  • You have an interest in growth at a tech startup, including operations and customer success
  • You use of insights and data-driven decision making
  • You have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to identify and provide comprehensive solutions for varying partner needs
  • You are proficient with Microsoft Office tools, especially Powerpoint, Excel
  • You have some experience working with large datasets, building data pipelines, and/or designing data visualizations preferred
  • You have previous experience with data visualization tools preferred, but not required

Why you should join HiGeorge

HiGeorge allows writers and journalists to easily create compelling visualizations from public data. Think Tableau but with all the necessary data attached. Most writers don't have the staff/resources to create great visualizations like the New York Times but HiGeorge gives them that power.