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Engineering Leader, Core Syncing Engine

San Francisco, CA / New York, NY / Remote (US)
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6+ years
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About the role

About Hightouch

Data Warehouses have become the obvious choice for storing your data from various sources, but once the data is stored, making the data actionable for all business units has always been a challenge...until now.

Hightouch was founded on the notion that every business team—sales, marketing, support, success—needs (no, deserves!) access to relevant, accurate, and real-time customer data.

Enter: Hightouch’s Data Activation Platform. With our solution, customers across every business unit can see customer data at the right time, take action on it, and build automations to streamline critical processes while also giving data teams confidence with developer-friendly tooling that helps them control, monitor, and debug their workflows with ease.

Hightouch’s vision is a future where everyone can take action on their data.

Who we are:

Hightouch is based in San Francisco, is remote-friendly, and backed by leading investors such as Amplify Partners, Bain Capital Ventures, Y-Combinator, and Afore Capital.

We are a quickly expanding team and believe in diverse backgrounds. We care less about "years of experience" and more about the impact you are able to make. We value high-trust, low ego, and tons of ownership. You get to control your destiny and shape your future at Hightouch. We’re driven by the delight of our customers and know that our best work comes when we take care of each other and encourage each other to do our best work together.

If you’re excited about having strong internal collaboration, writing quality code, and building products with high customer impact -- this is the place for you

The Role

Our Core Syncing Engine team sits at the center of our Reverse ETL technology as the team is responsible for all of the scheduling, planning, and executing of data syncing. The team’s work includes building new features for our syncing engine, ensuring syncs are scalable and reliable as we grow quickly, and maintaining the infrastructure supporting our entire engineering organization.

We’re looking for a leader for our Core Syncing Engine team to be responsible for the team’s direction and output. This is a high growth position as we expect the team to grow into multiple teams over time, with the opportunity for this role to manage managers as we scale.


  • Product Development: Lead the team in roadmapping and executing successful development of significant features and products as required to drive the business forward. Uphold a high technical bar, while making pragmatic tradeoffs.
  • Pace: Through a combination of leadership and technical expertise, improve the pace of execution of the team.
  • Recruiting: Be responsible for growing the team, including identifying needs, deciding how to evaluate candidates, and ensuring we hire high impact team members
  • Reliability: Against the uphill battle of high growth/scale, up-level the team on reliability, resulting in fewer incidents, catching our own issues before our customers do, and a strong incident management hygiene
  • People: Foster growth of team members and ensure strong engagement and motivation

We're looking for people with the following skills and experiences:

  • 1+ years of management experience and having managed a team of at least 5 people. Preference for 2+ years of management experience, led teams of 10+.
  • Been responsible for setting roadmap and developing software with meaningful business/company impact.
  • Strong backend server development background, ideally in situations with high scale, complex business domains (interface challenges), distributed systems, and critical reliability and correctness constraints.
  • Excellent communication skills, written and oral.
  • An eye for simplicity and maintainability, and the knowledge (or ability to ask questions to figure out) when something is overly complex. Can see around corners and mitigate risk.
  • Ability to understand an end goal, what are the key drivers of the goal, and determine the right levers to pull to move the drivers. Can ask insightful questions to break a problem down.
  • Strong efficient execution mindset.

Benefits of Working at Hightouch

  • Competitive compensation and equity packages
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Flexible vacation time (Unlimited PTO)

About Hightouch

Data warehouses like Snowflake and BigQuery are shifting how companies think of centralizing data. They're becoming the standard place to centralize customer data at a company, given how cheap and accessible warehouses have become. HIghtouch exists to help companies get their data out of the warehouse (reverse ETL) and into the hands of sales, marketing, and product teams.

Business users can't get data into their SaaS tools without help from engineering. Hightouch is the easiest way to get customer data from your database or data warehouse into your SaaS tools. Just write SQL in our UI, map the columns to the fields in your SaaS tool, and then watch the data live sync into your SaaS tool. Some common examples include getting data into sales (Salesforce, Hubspot), marketing (Iterable, Braze, MailChimp), and support (Zendesk, Intercom) tools.

Why is this a big deal? SaaS tooling like Salesforce have been promising to be the customer source of truth for years, but have never achieved that goal. Warehouses have accomplished that vision, but lack the final piece which is getting the data back into the operational systems where it can be used. Hightouch closes this loop and captures the value of getting data into these systems.

We're growing rapidly, have a user base that raves about us, and recently raised a Series A from top firms!

Team Size:100
Location:San Francisco
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Joshua Curl
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Kashish Gupta
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