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Senior Full-stack Software Engineer at HireArt

$140k - $170k / 0.25% - 1.00%
New York, NY / Remote
Job Type
6+ years
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Nicholas Sedlet
Nicholas Sedlet

About the role

HireArt is looking for a full-stack software engineer to join our product team. We're solving one of the biggest problems in the staffing industry: How to make a hiring and employment experience that is intuitive and transparent for hiring managers, job-seekers, and employees alike and that scales to support organizations of any size.

Our product team is a small (but growing) group of engineers and one designer who believes that the right solution involves a combination of automation, algorithms, and human judgment. We've already helped build teams at hundreds of companies, including, Facebook, Google, Toyota, and Airbnb, and helped hundreds of thousands of applicants in their job searches.

In this role, you'll help architect and implement features in the Rails back-end and React front-end. You'll also contribute to our R&D effort, working with domain experts to incorporate their knowledge and experience into the web app.


We're open to both fully remote employees based in North America as well as in-person work at our office in New York, NY (once reopened).

Our tech stack includes Rails, React, GraphQL, some Redux, Postgres, Git, and Heroku. Each engineer has ownership over specific product verticals, and we enlist each other's help to get things shipped. We like to have thoughtful group discussions on a range of topics, from software architecture to company strategy. We make sure every voice is heard and every opinion is considered.

Ideally you:

  • Have 5+ years of professional programming experience
  • Have 3+ years of professional experience with Ruby on Rails (or a similar MVC framework)
  • Are comfortable in at least one modern Javascript front-end framework (ideally React)
  • Are interested in the hiring process and are excited about improving it
  • Are a strong communicator, both synchronously and asynchronously
  • Are excited about being a part of (and fostering) an engineering culture that embraces collaborative exploration in the pursuit of robust, scalable solutions

Commitment: This is a full-time (40 hours per week) position. We are open to both fully remote employees as well as in-person work at our office in New York, NY (once reopened). The ability to accommodate typical Eastern Standard Time (EST) working hours is preferred.

HireArt values ​​​​diversity and is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are interested in every qualified candidate in North America. Applicants residing in the United States must be authorized to work in the United States. Unfortunately, we are not able to sponsor visas.

Why you should join HireArt

We are trying to solve one of the biggest problems in hiring: how to effectively measure a person's fit for a job. We want to do it in a way that is intuitive and transparent for both employers and job-seekers, and which scales to support organizations of any size. We believe that the right solution requires both algorithms and human judgment, and we are developing technologies which incorporate both. We believe that by building a product around new standards for assessment in recruiting, we can dramatically improve the accuracy of hiring decisions, as well as the job-seeking process.