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SDR Leader

$160K - $220K
San Francisco, CA, US
Job Type
3+ years
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Emir Atli
Emir Atli

About the role

We're hiring our first Sales Development Leader to build our sales development function from scratch. You'll work closely with the CRO/co-founder to build out the SDR function from scratch and create a new B2B outbound playbook using signals collected and actioned by HockeyStack and change the entire sales dev industry.

Why HockeyStack:

  • Opportunity to be part of a  fast growing B2B software company with strong backing from Y Combinator and General Catalyst.
  • Our innovative approach has led to a 90%+ win rate in competitive deals at 2x higher pricing point
  • Grew from 0 to 7 figures in a year and then doubled in a quarter through 100% inbound leads
  • Engineering is shipping a ton of new features- 2,000+ updates in the last 10 months and a new feature almost every week.

Who We're Looking For:

  • Process builder
  • Proactive individual who enjoys testing new ideas
  • Someone who does not like mass generic outbound leads
  • A team player who is fun and values honesty and enjoys collaborating with others
  • A passionate individual who is hungry to build

Who you are:

  • SDR Team Leads/Managers who thrive on building and also handle sales quotas
  • Account Executives who generate their own leads and are interested in building a sales development team

We work out of a beautiful office in downtown San Francisco 5 days a week.

About HockeyStack

HockeyStack is an analytics and attribution tool for B2B SaaS. It collects and helps analyze data from all parts of the SaaS customer journey - marketing, sales, and product engagement. Our goal is to make tracking and gaining insights from all this data easier and faster.

Team Size:11
Location:San Francisco
Emir Atli
Emir Atli
Arda Bulut
Arda Bulut
Buğra Gündüz
Buğra Gündüz