Holy Grail

We use electrons to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

Product Designer

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Nuno Pereira
Nuno Pereira

About the role

Holy Grail developed a direct air carbon capture technology that uses electrons to capture CO2 from the atmosphere. We are looking for proactive candidates who are ready to take ownership and are passionate about creating a sustainable solution to removing excess CO2 from the atmosphere. The ultimate goal of Holy Grail is to contribute to the long-term sustainability of life on Earth.


We are looking for mechanical engineers to join our team and help bring our modular CO2 scrubbers to market.


This role will be located in Mountain View, CA. Candidates should be able to start as soon as possible.



• Detail-oriented with a creative approach to science, design, and engineering

• A high degree of autonomy and independence

• Intrinsic motivation with a fundamental love of science 

• Ability to learn and adapt quickly

• Experience with 3D modeling (Solidworks or CATIA) 

• Experience with fast prototyping and manufacturing (laser cutting, 3D printing, CNC machining, and general fabrication)


• Design the user experience of carbon capture devices

• Design hardware components and testing rigs for carbon capture  systems

• Design and build scrubber prototypes using laser cutting, water jet, stamping, and 3D printing

• Collaborate with a team of chemists and electrical engineers to optimize technical specifications

• Build prototypes from scratch to test hypotheses

• Work with suppliers to source materials and services

Nice to have:

• Degree in Product Design, Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, or UX/UI

• Experience with seals in airtight systems

• Experience with Computational Fluid Dynamics

• Experience in Design for manufacturing from prototype to production

What we offer:

You will join a team that is passionate about having an impact on climate change. We care about the optimal way to solve a problem and nurture a culture of creativity and collaboration. We care about quick iterations, minimizing assumptions, and we use emojis to label our chemicals. We work on interesting technical problems and provide support and resources to tackle them.


Impact: your contribution will directly impact our technical milestones and you will have full ownership of your projects. We don’t micromanage

No politics: we give you the resources to test all your wildest ideas in hours or days, not months. If there is a chance that something will advance our progress we will test it as soon as possible

Ownership: not only you will own your projects you will also own part of the company

Autonomy: we welcome your independent perspective and encourage you to set and manage your time to achieve our shared goals

Flexibility: we cultivate an informal environment that is more fun and less rigid compared to academia and larger companies

Why you should join Holy Grail

Holy Grail uses electrons to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and contribute to the long term sustainability of humans and other species on Earth

Holy Grail
Team Size:6
Nuno Pereira
Nuno Pereira