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DevOps Engineer

$90K - $150K
US / Remote (US)
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6+ years
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Jacob Hart
Jacob Hart

About the role

Position Summary

Hudu is looking for a DevOps engineer with a wide-ranging knowledge of both development and operations, including coding, automation, system administration, infrastructure management, and DevOps toolchains. You should foster a collaborative environment focused on processes, tools, and methodologies to balance needs throughout the software development life cycle, from coding deployment to maintenance, updates, and monitoring performance after release. Additionally, you should have a strong understanding of common system architecture and experience with the traditional developer toolset and practices such as using source control, giving and receiving code reviews, writing unit tests, and familiarity with agile principles.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Prepare test data, analyze results, troubleshoot and communication back to the software developers.
  • Work with development staff to tackle the necessary coding and scripting to connect various application elements, such as APIs, libraries and SDKs.
  • Integrate other components such as SQL data management or messaging tools that DevOps teams need to run the software release and production infrastructure.
  • Use/implement a CI/CD tool to automate the process of building, testing, and deploying software.
  • Design, provision, and manage computer ecosystems in the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS) or similar.
  • Write shell scripts to automate repetitive tasks and implement agile development practices such as code reviews and using source control.
  • Improve feedback delivery to developers by improving the speed, efficacy, and output of testing methodologies.
  • Assist developers to improve the process of building and deploying application code.

Minimum Qualifications (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities)

  • Associates degree required; Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from an accredited college or university preferred; or equivalent education/experience in the computer science field
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in a DevOps engineering role
  • Excellent time managing skills with the ability to multi-task, prioritize, and meet deadlines
  • Extensive knowledge of Docker, Kubernetes, Bash, Ansible or similar
  • Experience with Rails, Puma, Unicorn, NGINX
  • Experience with Git or Mercurial, Github Actions/Gitlab Pipelines, and CI/CD tools
  • Preferred experience with,, or similar

About Hudu

Hudu is a documentation software platform for IT professionals. The platform simplifies onboarding, training, and employee/customer retention for tens of thousands of users across the globe.

Team Size:10
Location:Fort Collins, CO
Jacob Hart
Jacob Hart
John Hart
John Hart