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Engineering Manager

London / Remote (Europe)
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6+ years
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Giovanni Luperti
Giovanni Luperti

About the role

The Engineering team at Humaans is responsible for crafting a world class product to drive positive change for our customers.

If you have built and lead a team of high performing engineers, we’d love to chat!

About us

Humaans is enabling organisations to build a better world of work. It’s a central part of modern life, and we all want to have a meaningful experience while at work. Our goal is to empower companies to drive impact and use technology to provide a better experience for their employees throughout their full lifecycle.

Humaans is the fastest way to onboard and manage employees. We turn complex processes like employee onboarding, offboarding, and compensation management into simple workflows by integrating with solutions such as Google Workspace, Slack, Docusign, Greenhouse, and more.

We’re a startup growing fast, with big ambitions. We’re backed by investors that helped shape global technology players lead in their categories: Y Combinator, Moonfire, Frontline, Lachy Groom, Jeff Weiner (LinkedIn), Claire Johnson (Stripe), Dylan Field (Figma), Scott Belsky (Adobe), Ashkay Kothari (Notion), Des Traynor (Intercom), among others. Our journey is only at the beginning, and we’re looking for people excited about driving real impact.

As a human centred company (quite literally), every team member counts - and that’s where you come in.

About the role

Engineering Management at Humaans is a parallel and complementary discipline to Engineering and is primarily a non technical role. Engineering Leads drive the project execution and technical decisions within each squad while Engineering Managers manage one or two of such squads, including line management, working closely with the product leadership on product planning, hiring, company wide communication, external engineering branding and more.

A strong software engineering background is required to effectively guide the product development and collaborate with the team. We expect you to inspire and guide team members to grow individually and within the organisation.

You’re excited about

  • Building and leading up to two squads of full stack product centric software engineers. This includes recruiting, interviewing and onboarding them to set them up for success.

  • Enabling your team to execute on a day to day basis by removing blockers so they can work smoothly and efficiently. This is not a hands-on role but you would be involved in solving (technical) issues with the team.

  • Supporting the individuals on your teams throughout their journey at Humaans with coaching and bespoke career development plans to make sure they work at their best.

  • Empowering your squads to achieve a high level of technical productivity, reliability, and simplicity every day.

  • Ensuring that team meetings and retros run smoothly and that knowledge and learnings are shared between the squads.

  • Working closely with the Head of Engineering, Design and Leadership to assess priorities, develop strategy and turn plans into effective execution.

  • Communicating product development progress and plans to the wider organisation, enabling sales and marketing, and gathering feedback through customer success.

  • Going above and beyond for our customers and helping teams develop customer empathy.

  • Wearing many hats to help us overcome challenges along our journey.

This is what will get us excited about you

  • You’re a natural people leader. You have proven people management experience. You are a people person who wants to set teams up for success and cares deeply about the individuals.

  • A passion for software engineering. You’re a builder by background, love the engineering craft, and have experienced what a best in class engineering culture looks like first hand.

  • Appreciation for design and the digital product craft. You care about building products that serve the customers’ needs and solve real problems in an elegant way.

  • Strategic & tactical. You can go macro and bring people together around a vision, as well as zoom in on the tactical day to day aspects to drive sharp execution.

  • You have done this before. You recruited engineers that are among the best in the industry and enabled them to be successful. You will teach us and elevate our approach. You will work independently and pro-actively.

  • Structured and outcome focused. You bring problem solving skills to decompose and solve ambiguous problems with and for the team.

  • Effective communication skills. You have the ability to understand and translate business and customer requirements across teams. You can articulate what you're working on and why to the team in a clear and structured way.

  • You’re adaptable. You observe to understand not only what to improve, but also what’s already working well. You seek feedback, think creatively with a focus on customers, embrace change, and have a drive for continuous excellence.

  • Thriving in a collaborative environment. You believe in your own methods but keep an open mind, taking suggestions and feedback onboard as well.

Our tech stack

Our tech stack today consists of React.js, Node.js, Postgres and Redis. We code in JavaScript, ReScript and TypeScript. We use GitHub for code and continuous integration to deploy to Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform. We have a public REST API and our browser client uses a realtime WebSocket API. We obsess over details and quality of the user facing features and their implementation. Yet we move fast by creating focus and leveraging high quality foundations.

Package & Benefits

Early stage startups can be messy – we know that. We're putting effort in providing you with the best employee experience and a quality driven environment in exchange for trusting us.

  1. Salary. Competitive compensation.

  2. Equity. Meaningful equity so that you own part of the company.

  3. Flexible working schedule. We're outcome-oriented.

  4. Time off. 25 days of paid time off per year plus public holidays.

  5. Health. Private health and dental insurance.

  6. Technology. A brand new MacBook (or whatever equipment you need).

  7. Set up. £500 working from home budget.

  8. Learning and development. Budget for books and other resources you need.

Our Commitment to Diversity

At Humaans we’re looking for genuinely good people that are transparent and emphatic. We’re committed to providing equal opportunities, a diverse and inclusive work environment, and ensuring a fair interview process for everyone. You’re welcome to apply no matter your gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, civil or family status, age, disability, or race.

Why you should join Humaans

The fastest way for companies to onboard and manage employees

Team Size:22
Location:London, United Kingdom
Giovanni Luperti
Giovanni Luperti
Karolis Narkevicius
Karolis Narkevicius