Identity layer of verified & unique humans to remove bots online

Founding Software Engineer

$150k - $220k
San Francisco / Remote
Job Type
3+ years
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Kirill Avery
Kirill Avery

About the role


Human is an identity layer of verified real and unique people to remove bots online. With the recent Elon's claims that Twitter needs to remove bots from the platform, we believe that the world needs a single space of verified identities, but also to have it decentralized and allow these identities to transact with each other. Our goal is to authenticate a billion+ people, and everyone will get a free share of our digital currency.

We're starting with an L2 optimistic rollup to create a wallet for everyone who verifies themselves. We're looking to build our blockchain on top of the proof-of-identity consensus mechanism later.

Our goal is to build the world's coolest and strongest technical team worldwide that would shape the culture of our open source dev community.

We are looking for exceptional founding engineers to build various services and products, all powered up by a decentralized digital identity. This is a rare opportunity to join the core team and lead backend development, build a team, and design backend architecture.

What You’ll Be Doing

As an early team member, you will get a chance to shape both the foundations of our product, backend architecture, and team culture. We will measure your success by your ability to ship fast, learn quickly, and contribute to our culture of continuous improvement. Additionally, you will:

  • Design and build server-side Human L2 and blockchain architecture (using Golang, AWS, Azure)
  • Write technical documentation
  • Manage the server-side technical team
  • Develop and manage well-functioning decentralized databases


  • Proven experience as a Senior Backend Engineer or Lead Backend Engineer
  • Deep knowledge and 3+ years of professional experience with one of these programming languages: Golang, Rust, C++, Python, Nodejs, or Java. We probably will use Golang for building the server-side
  • Good knowledge of computer science fundamentals (TCP/IP), distributed systems, low-level networking knowledge, and system design
  • Basic knowledge of cryptography & such algorithms and structures as Merkle Trees, Hash Tables
  • Familiarity & experience with various cloud services: AWS, Azure, GCloud, or Heroku
  • Advanced English level skills
  • You are ok with the fact, that the code will be open-sourced at some point
  • You are comfortable with ambiguity. The project has a high level of unknown and a big portion of R&D. True ownership, self-management, and professional maturity – things we value the most and things that are really important for this job
  • It's a remote full-time position


  • Basic knowledge and understanding of how different blockchains and consensus mechanisms (PoW, PoS) work
  • Experience as a user in crypto and basic DeFi protocols like Uniswap
  • Basic experience with smart contracts development
  • Deep & low-level knowledge of Golang


  • $150,000 to $220,000 USD salary regardless of your location
  • Competitive equity as a founding employee of a startup funded by top tier investors including Y Combinator
  • Fully remote work environment that promotes autonomy and flexibility
  • This will probably be the most crazy product you’re going to be building

Why you should join Human

At Human, we're on a mission to create a single decentralized layer of unique identities and we aim to authorize 1 billion people on being real and unique to remove bots online.

Team Size:4
Location:San Francisco
Kirill Avery
Kirill Avery