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Developer Relations Engineer

$80K - $180K
San Francisco, CA, US / London, England, GB
Job Type
1+ years
Connect directly with founders of the best YC-funded startups.
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Raza Habib
Raza Habib

About the role


As the first DevRel Engineer at Humanloop, you'll play a key role in helping developers and startups build amazing AI-first products. You'll have the opportunity to grow and support a community of passionate developers who are excited about the potential of AI and are building on the frontier.

What you’ll do:

  • Create demos, docs and tutorials that use the latest AI and help customers get to value with Humanloop
  • Engage with and grow our developer community through social media and Discord
  • Create content to teach a wider developer audience about what’s possible with LLMs
  • Support our customers and be their advocate for product improvements within Humanloop
  • Host and attend developer events to promote Humanloop

About you

Must Haves

  • 1-2 years experience as a developer
  • Evidence of a passion for helping other developers, for example through OSS contributions or blog posts
  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Genuine passion and interest in AI and LLMs

Nice to Have

  • Previous experience building a developer community
  • Regular contributions to Open Source Software

About the interview

We’re looking for DevRel Engineers who enjoy talking to customers, teaching other developers, and exhibit a strong sense of ownership and autonomy.

Our interview process is designed to find these kinds of engineers. Moreover, we try to ask questions that are relevant to what your day-to-day work will look like — building small demos, writing documentation, speaking to customers, giving talks. In most cases, the interview process we have is language agnostic but our stack is Python for the backend and typeScript for the frontend.

Below is what to expect in our interview process. If you have questions, email me at

Phone Screen

This stage is a more informal call to get to know more about the role, and for you to evaluate whether it’s a good fit for you. We are looking for people with a strong interest in AI and the motivation to work at a startup. For the DevRel role we're also looking for some past evidence of enjoying developer marketing/communication.

The conversation will cover some light technical discussion about your past projects. Mostly, we want to know that you can code and communicate with clarity on the details.

We end the initial chat with some practical questions on salary, timelines and right-to-work.

Technical Screen

Our initial screen is intended as a first pass to assess basic programming skills.

You'll be using your own computer, and using whatever language/environment you are most comfortable with. You’re also free to google for syntax. We believe this helps developers feel more comfortable during the process, and avoids any learning curve or limitations of 3rd party platforms (Codepen, etc.).

Interview Process

The interview process is a deeper dive into technical abilities, communication ability and overall fit. For the “fit” portion, we are again looking for ownership and autonomy. This is evaluated throughout the process -- in how you communicate your approach, solutions and overall thinking. Each interview is 45 minutes to 1 hour long, with a portion always reserved for Q&A.

The interview process for DevRel is very similar to that of a full-time product engineer at Humanloop but the bar you have to meet is different. You have to score more highly on communication ability and developer empathy but not as highly on product thinking or system architecture. We still test the full suite of skills as we want to know your strengths and weaknesses.

The interview process starts with a short take-home task (3-4 hours) that is designed to represent what your real work at Humanloop would look like (and avoid the limitations of leet-code style tests). We'll give you access to Humanloop and our APIs. We'll ask you to build a small demo AI app that can help prospective customers better understand how Humanloop can help them. Once you've completed the take home in your own time we'll invite you to interview (ideally in person).

Each interview in more detail:

Take-home presentation. (Raza and Jordan). In the first interview we'll ask you to present your take home task back to us. Explain the motivation for what you built, the design choices you made and how you think it would help a customer get the most out of Humanloop. We're looking for excitement about building with LLMs, great communication skills and customer empathy. Ping ahead of time if you have questions!

System design. (Peter) We’re looking for familiarity with building systems. It’s something like "how would you build Reddit", walking through objects and relationships, and going into more complexity as needed. We also talk through users and metrics a bit too.

Whiteboard (Jordan + one other) Similar to the technical screen, we will ask one or more short language-agnostic coding questions, and you are welcome to use whatever development environment you prefer. We are interested in hearing how you approach the problem; seeing how you write, test, and debug the solution; and then discussing the tradeoffs of your solution, and how they turned out.

Culture Fit (Raza). This is a discussion about your past experiences. We'll ask for examples of times you've had to display particular attributes (e.g Autonomy) and dive deep on the projects/examples you give. We'll also reserve a decent amount of time to just discuss Humanloop's work culture and mission to see if we're aligned.

We try to schedule two portions of the interview at a time. After the first two interviews, we sometimes short-circuit the process with a “no-hire”. We have found that going through the entire process gives us enough to make a go/no-go decision. We offer feedback to candidates who request it, and relate the feedback to the skills, qualification and interview process above.

Lastly, we usually ask for 2 references from previous roles if you're able to provide them.


Our interview process typically takes 2 weeks based on our eng team's availability, but we can move more quickly for candidates with short timelines or competing offers. Please share as much information about your situation as possible so we can attempt to expedite or save you time if we cannot.

About Humanloop

Large Language Models and AI more generally are the next computing platform. Millions of developers will be building with this technology and at Humanloop you'll have a chance to work at the frontier and shape the future.

You'll get the chance to work really hard on a problem that matters alongside super-smart people who are passionate about what they do. The environment is fast-paced with new features being shipped every week or even every day. The customers we get to work with are themselves inspiring AI startups who are also trying to use this amazing new technology to build products and services that were previously science fiction.

Team Size:10
Location:London, United Kingdom
Jordan Burgess
Jordan Burgess
Raza Habib
Raza Habib
Peter Hayes
Peter Hayes