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Product Engineer (frontend)

$80K - $150K
London, England, GB / Remote
Job Type
1+ years
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Jordan Burgess
Jordan Burgess

About the role

A Product Engineer is a customer-obsessed, product-focused, full stack Software Engineer. As one of the first Software Engineers at Humanloop you’ll lead the design, development, and operations of our products. We’re a small and autonomous team, so, you’ll end up wearing many hats and having meaningful impact.

As the product engineer, you will play a key role in defining and creating these tools for human-AI interaction. You will feel comfortable talking to users, prototyping and shipping product.

What does success look like?

  • You will ship code that is elegant to use and read, and you take ownership of it. You can be relied upon throughout its lifecycle.
  • You'll create components and design systems that scale
  • You'll have good taste for when we build something in house, and where existing tools are appropriate
  • You hold yourself and the rest of the team to a high bar and design experiences that are not just functional, but delightful to our users
  • You are a product leader who comes up with great initiatives and product ideas, and not just someone who takes a feature and make it "functional".
  • You communicate your thoughts and decisions clearly and proactively, and talk to users around the world constantly, knowing that their expectation may differ from your intuition.

Our software is constantly evolving, so we need engineers who can do the same. Our current stack is:

  • Typescript Frontend using Next.js + Tailwind
  • Python + postgres backend
  • AWS for most of our infrastructure

You’ll have significant control over what gets added to and removed from this list in the next version of this job description.


We think that people with amazing ability can come from all sorts of backgrounds. You need to prove that you can ship quality code and understand how to scale applications, and grow into a leadership position within the company.

Hybrid with an Office in London

We were fully remote during the pandemic but have decided to return to an office afterwards. We find that the time in person allows us to move a lot faster and the discussion that occur spontaneously are super valuable.

We require everyone to be in the office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. On other days you can choose to work from home or in the office

How to apply?

Send us your CV and a project you've worked on that you're proud of

About Humanloop

Large Language Models and AI more generally are the next computing platform. Millions of developers will be building with this technology and at Humanloop you'll have a chance to work at the frontier and shape the future.

You'll get the chance to work really hard on a problem that matters alongside super-smart people who are passionate about what they do. The environment is fast-paced with new features being shipped every week or even every day. The customers we get to work with are themselves inspiring AI startups who are also trying to use this amazing new technology to build products and services that were previously science fiction.

Team Size:10
Location:London, United Kingdom
Jordan Burgess
Jordan Burgess
Raza Habib
Raza Habib
Peter Hayes
Peter Hayes