A Cloud-Based Bioinformatics and AI Platform

HypaHub is a Cloud-Based Bioinformatics and AI Platform. It is the first HIPAA-compliant Bioinformatics SaaS that runs natively on users' clouds, providing both operation- and price-transparency. Our product is a one-stop shop to access complex technologies designed for scientists building data applications or performing data analytics to extract insights. It automates the creation and manages the operation of computing resources, eliminating the need for enterprises to set up and maintain a high-end R&D cloud infrastructure.

Team Size:6
Location:Sunnyvale, CA

Active Founders

Hugo Lam

Hugo has over 20 years of experience in software, bioinformatics, and genomics, including time at Roche (SW: ROG), Bina (acquired by Roche), Personalis (NASDAQ: PSNL), 23andMe (NASDAQ: ME), and PCCW (SEHK: 8). Prior to founding HypaHub, Hugo was Senior Director and Head of Bioinformatics at Roche. He is an alumnus of HKUST, Imperial College London, Yale University, Stanford Medical School, and Cambridge Judge Business School. He has published in over 40 publications with over 35,000 citations.

Hugo Lam
Hugo Lam

Company Launches


Skilled professionals and cutting-edge technologies are key to the success of diagnostics and pharmaceutical companies.

However, there are many complex technologies, heterogeneous data, and advanced algorithms in the genomic domain that are not easily accessible, resulting in increased cost and reduced efficiency.


We are a one-stop solution designed to help scientists build data applications and perform data analytics. With just a few clicks, users can launch complex workflows with terabytes of data or perform interactive analyses for insight.

By eliminating the need to set up and maintain high-end, R&D cloud infrastructure and associated technology stack, we enable you to focus on your task and business at hand.

We orchestrate cloud resources for your bioinformatics needs while you retain ownership and are in full control of your costs.


Diego Rey (Endpoint): HypaHub is hands down the best tool in our R&D cloud. It has helped us accelerate our scientific discovery beyond our imagination.

Paul Tang (Accuragen): HypaHub helps us automate our workflows and perform complex analysis effortlessly. We can now advance our research more efficiently than ever!

Sharla White (ClearLight): HypaHub has helped our team gain much more bioinformatics related insights quickly. It is very user friendly and has excellent customer support!


We are a team of engineers & bioinformaticians from Roche, Stanford, and Udacity, just to name a few.


Get the first HIPAA-compliant bioinformatics SaaS that runs natively on your own cloud.

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