No-code platform for finance professionals

UI (interface + workflow) designer for new no-code platform for finance at Hyperseed

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6+ years
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Hootan Mahallati
Hootan Mahallati

About the role

ABOUT US We are Hyperseed, a YC-backed startup developing the no-code platform for finance. Our team of three comprises veteran product & engineering executives from Google, Nextdoor and Rocket Internet among others.

VISION We aim to empower finance professionals to define and build custom financial applications without writing a single line of code and to update them with a few clicks. Think about us as Excel for the 21st Century: imagine if you could press a button in Excel and automatically create user-facing applications. For example, users can build a configurator to determine prices for a complex product matrix.

THE PROJECT Please take a look at our website: the screenshot shows the very first closed alpha we released. The building blocks you see have since changed to look more like mini-spreadsheets, but the concept of connecting components to build remains largely the same.

We are still in closed alpha and planning to launch our self-serve beta MVP very soon (OKR = Feb. 1 '22). We have built and tested multiple versions and now need an interface designer to take our work to a new, more professional level ready for launch. The founders will act as product managers and user researchers, and you will work with us to solve problems we find through user testing.

IDEAL EXPERIENCE Ideally, you'll have a good cross-section of the following:

  • designed interfaces for analyzing and consuming data from SQL tables and/or spreadsheets - this is the biggest plus
  • designed interfaces and workflows for complex fintech products
  • designed interfaces and workflows for devtool products
  • designed interfaces and workflows for no-code products OR used no-code products to build something (eg: Bubble, Retool, Glide Apps, Webflow)

DURATION This starts a part-time job, paying up to $80/hour. The role can definitely convert to full-time once we raise a proper seed round, we're just not in a position to hire full-time right now - startup realities :). We expect the work to be in on/off bursts over a period of three months to begin with, rapidly iterating the designs in cycles as we gather feedback from users. This means we may not have work for you certain weeks. We think this is an exciting opportunity to help create a new generation product, a project that will require new thinking and tapping into your innovation reserves! Please include links to your work, especially work most relevant to this project, in your reply. Thank you, looking forward to hearing from you.

Why you should join Hyperseed

Hyperseed is the no-code platform for finance professionals.

For example, the Chief Actuary of a B2B insuretech can create underwriting models for different states and generate customer ratings for integration into the core insurance product platform.