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Full Stack Software Engineer

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Any (new grads ok)
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Joshua Wong
Joshua Wong

About the role

The role ✨ At Hypotenuse, we're looking for kick-ass engineers who want to work in a high-growth, fast-moving start-up. You will have a huge impact in our product, driving new features, our roadmap, culture and the overall user experience. Full stack Engineers will work very closely with everyone on the team, executing the design and implementation across the stack for the Hypotenuse AI’s web Platform.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Design, build and deploy features end to end - we ship code multiple times a week
  • Execute on both a high level and in detailed code as you thread across frontend and backend, system architecture design, databases, algorithm and more
  • Balance speed and scale, while keeping in mind the sensibilities to create a high-quality user experience
  • Work extremely closely with the founders, and often cross functionally, sometimes wearing a product manager hat and speaking to users
  • There will be ambiguity, complex code and a whole lot new technology. No one has all the answers, and that's ok. But it means that you need to have a constant hunger for learning and growing — very quickly. Here, your rate of growth matters a lot more than your credentials.


Experience and a strong foundation in any of following will help a long way:

  • You've designed and built backend architectures (e.g. on AWS, designing APIs or components, databases etc..)
  • You're familiar with software engineering best practices — testing, deployments, OOP etc..
  • Understanding of algorithms/data structures and computer science fundamentals
  • Experience with web frameworks — both on the client-side (e.g. React, Angular, Vue, ..) and server side (e.g. Flask / FastAPI / Django)
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • High adaptability, strong problem-solving skills and ability to handle ambiguity
  • (ideally) 2–5 years of software engineering experience, or equivalent

Sound like you? 🙌 Joining a fast growing start-up isn't like taking a 9 to 5 role in a big company — the impact, learnings and growth here are magnitudes higher, but so is the pace. We're looking for individuals with a founder-like mentality who can thrive in such an environment. If you are interested in working with a small agile team where your contributions will have an immediate impact, this is the role for you.

Why you should join Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI is a platform that uses machine learning to automatically generates written content, including product descriptions, advertising text and blog posts. We're reshaping what takes weeks to do, and turning it into days. Our mission is to build the best experience that powers every website.

We're backed by top investors such as Y Combinator, and have experienced founders from FAANG/AI Research and top start-ups. We're growing fast and are expanding our team in Singapore. If you're looking for a fast-paced start-up with the opportunity to reshape the future of writing, come join us!

Hypotenuse AI
Team Size:5
Location:San Francisco
Joshua Wong
Joshua Wong