Responsive images as a service, delivered by CDN.

Software Engineer: Developer Tools

San Francisco / Remote
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3+ years
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About the role

imgix is building the future of visual media on the Internet. It operates the premier solution to deliver impactful, engaging, highly responsive, and super fast imagery to eyeballs around the world. The service consists of a top-tier image delivery platform tightly coupled with imgix's proprietary, on-demand image processing pipeline. It provides customers with great design flexibility while reducing the engineering investment required to serve state-of-the-art visual media. imgix enables our customers to greatly increase the value of their imagery and get back to building awesome things.

We are looking for a programming generalist with a passion for building software used by other developers. You will be joining the team responsible for managing and iterating on imgix’s open-source SDK — comprised of client libraries, plugins, and other helpful tools. The individual components of the SDK span a wide variety of programming languages, frameworks, and platforms; providing an easy way for users to integrate imgix into their own services and applications. While the ideal candidate won’t know all of these languages already, they should feel comfortable learning as they go with support from the team.

By iterating and improving the imgix SDK offering, you'll have an opportunity to make an immediate and tangible contribution to a product that powers the processing and delivery of image content for some of the Internet's largest sites and most popular apps.

What you'll be doing:

  • Grow and improve our portfolio of open source libraries and integration tools
  • Work with the product team to identify, prioritize, and implement feature improvements or new products that offer high value to our users
  • Help cultivate a growing developer community that is excited to use imgix and the SDK across a variety of industries
  • Pioneer higher standards for how developers construct, and interact with, images on the web
  • Monitor trends in the developer ecosystem to determine when new libraries or tools would be of benefit to imgix’s customer base

What we're looking for:

  • Prior engineering experience building tools used by other developers
  • Comfortable with JavaScript or any other language used on projects listed in
  • Excitement to learn new languages and frameworks, and a particular focus on adopting language specific idiomatic design patterns, test methods, and package deployment processes
  • Empathy for developer experience, and an interest in building tools that optimize for it
  • Desire to build healthy communities around imgix’s open source offerings
  • Nice to have: prior frontend development experience

imgix is a remote-friendly company with an office located in downtown San Francisco, close to BART, Caltrain and a really good sandwich place. Employee benefits are comprehensive (401k, medical, dental and vision), perks are generous, vacation time is flexible, and salaries are commensurate with experience. We also provide employees with anything they (reasonably) need to be effective in their work.

Why you should join imgix

At imgix, we are building the "graphics card" for the Internet. We provide image and visual media processing on-demand via a URL-based API. We connect to a customer's existing images (e.g. S3 bucket) and then provide a domain they can use to access those images dynamically, creating any number of sizes, crops, adjustments, and other variants of those images. Think of it like Photoshop's "Save for Web" feature but for a million images at a time.

Team Size:50
Location:San Francisco
Chris Zacharias
Chris Zacharias