Consumer Startups funded by Y Combinator (YC) in New York 2024

April 2024

Browse 48 of the top Consumer startups funded by Y Combinator. Headquartered in New York, these are some of the hottest and fastest-growing startups.

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  • Function of Beauty
    Function of Beauty (w2016)Active • 300 employees • New York, NY, USA
    We’re a customized beauty brand at the intersection of tech and beauty, setting out to democratize custom beauty and truly empower individuality. There’s no one size fits all with us.
  • Squire Technologies
    Squire Technologies (s2016)Active • 150 employees • New York, NY, USA
    Squire is a booking and payment platform that connects people with great barbers worldwide. Squire makes it easy to discover and book the best barbers wherever you are, in just a few taps. Squire is also the premier management platform for barbershops. Using Squire, barbers are able to engage their customers, process bookings and payments and better market their business through Squire’s “barbershop discovery” capabilities. Fully integrated with a point of sale, inventory management and payroll systems, Squire is a one-stop solution for barbershop owners to efficiently operate their business. With headquarters in New York and a presence in major cities in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada, Squire has quickly become a market leader in technology solutions for the barbershop industry worldwide. For more information, please visit or download the Squire iOS app from the App Store.
  • Goldbelly
    Goldbelly (w2013)Active • 125 employees • New York, NY, USA
    Goldbelly is an online platform for specialty food makers and artisans. We discover America's most unique handmade foods and ship them to your door, anywhere nationwide.
  • Eight Sleep
    Eight Sleep (s2015)Active • 100 employees • New York, NY, USA
    Eight Sleep is the world's first sleep fitness brand with a mission to fuel human potential through optimal sleep. Founded in New York City in 2014, Eight Sleep leverages thermoregulation, data, and technology to design products to restore individuals to their peak energy every morning. Eight Sleep was named one of Fast Company's “Most Innovative Companies of 2018 and 2022”, and recognized by TIME's Best Inventions of 2018 and 2019.
  • Joy
    Joy (s2016)Active • 60 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Joy is a software platform with a mission to help the world celebrate better together. Our software helps everyone plan and remember all of life's events. Big or small, Joy is there every step of the way.
  • Burrow
    Burrow (s2016)Active • 60 employees • New York, NY, USA
    Burrow is the clever, direct-to-consumer furniture company reinventing the way people furnish their home. In 2018, Burrow was named one of the 10 most innovative retail brands in the world by Fast Company, and the Burrow Sofa was named one of the 50 best inventions of the year by TIME. Burrow products ship within a week, assemble and disassemble easily, and are sustainably made to be more comfortable, functional, and durable than the rest of the industry.
  • Omgpop
    Omgpop (s2006)Acquired • 11 employees • New York, NY, USA
    OMGPOP is a leading developer of social games for facebook, iphone and the open web. With games on multiple social networks as well as its own destination site, the company is recognized as a leader in creating real-time game experiences. Based in New York City, OMGPOP is funded by Spark Capital and Bessemer Venture Partners.
  • The Juggernaut
    The Juggernaut (w2019)Active • 4 employees • New York, NY, USA
    The Juggernaut is a NY-based subscription media company and community for the South Asia-curious. Targeted subscription media is a valuable bet: Black Entertainment Television (BET) sold to Viacom for $2.3b in 2000 and Liberty Media valued Univision at $14b in 2017. The U.S. South Asia diaspora alone has $460b of spending power and is the fastest growing demographic in the U.S., yet is underserved. We're backed by some incredible investors, including Precursor Ventures (also in The Athletic, Superhuman), Kevin Lin (co-founder, Twitch), Adam Hansmann (co-founder, The Athletic), and Balaji Srinivasan (ex-Coinbase CTO, ex-GP a16z).
  • Universe
    Universe (w2018)Active • 25 employees • New York, NY, USA
    Our mission is to empower everyone to build the internet. Universe is a magical new way to build websites –– it’s the first website builder designed for phones. Our app makes it easy for anyone to make a great looking website and start selling online in minutes from your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. And we make it as fun as playing with Legos! Give it a try: Explore sites made on Universe: We are a remote-first 20+ person company with people all over the US. We were YC W18 and have raised $17.2MM in funding from Google Ventures, General Catalyst, Javelin Venture Partners, Box Group, and more top investors. We value individual agency and ownership –– which guides our product design and our company’s culture. While other companies offer lots of perks, we prioritize your freedom: work from anywhere, in the way you’re at your best. We believe that an individual’s capacity for growth is far larger than most understand, and we’ve designed an environment to support rapid, continuous learning. Ideas here come from everyone, initiative is respected, and quality matters. We are here to build something special and enduring.
  • Foster
    Foster (w2021)Active • 15 employees • New York, NY, USA
    Community-powered writing workflow driven by some of the internet's best writers, editors, and experts.
  • Gainful
    Gainful (w2018)Active • 30 employees • New York, NY, USA
    Gainful is performance nutrition that unlocks your full potential. We provide personalized products and 1:1 Registered Dietitian support to empower active people to reach their unique goals by transforming their health. Founded in 2017, Gainful is backed by some of the world’s best venture investors (including Y Combinator, BrandProject, and Courtside VC). Our current products are Personalized Protein, Personalized Hydration, Personalized Pre-Workout, and our line of Performance Boosts (Collagen, Creatine, and Fiber).
  • Players' Lounge
    Players' Lounge (w2018)Active • 13 employees • Brooklyn, NY, USA
    Players’ Lounge enables gamers of all skill levels to bet on the outcome of their video game matches and win money. Our mission at Players’ Lounge is to give gamers a monetary return on their gaming time, while adding a new layer of fun and entertainment. We have raised $15m in funding. Investors include: ycombinator, Samsung, Griffin Gaming Partners, Strauss Zelnick, Drake and Myles Garrett.
  • Extern
    Extern (w2017)Active • 35 employees • New York, NY, USA
    Extern (formerly Paragon One) invented the remote Externship, a completely new form of real work experience with integrated learning. Our mission is to help anyone discover and launch their career through real professional experiences available anywhere, anytime. Since 2019, we’ve created and powered Externships on behalf of companies -- from Fortune 500s to startups -- that have enabled tens of thousands of students to build real work experience on their resumes and open doors to incredible job opportunities. Extern leverages software and industry experts to make Externships possible and incredibly streamlined for both students and companies. Work experience is the credential that matters most, but getting it when you don’t have experience can be hard. We envision a world where anyone can access work experience as a form of education – no matter their background, experience, or socio-economic status. By making work experience more accessible, Extern is driving the rapid mobility and upskilling needed for a new economy. Come join our movement to reshape work, education, and credentialing for future generations with the Externship. Extern was born out of a pivot from Paragon One (W17) which initially focused on providing students with a career center-as-a-service platform, connecting them with industry professionals to receive career coaching and guidance.
  • BlackOakTV
    BlackOakTV (s2021)Active • 2 employees • New York, NY, USA
    BlackOakTV is a subscription video platform hyper-serving black viewers and creators. We make it easy for black viewers to find, watch and engage with the content and creators that most reflect their lives and experiences.
  • AptDeco
    AptDeco (w2014)Active • New York, NY, USA
    AptDeco is a peer-to-peer managed marketplace dedicated for buying and selling quality used furniture. We offer a complete end-to-end process to bring back the joy of discovering amazing furniture finds for the home again. Our customers benefit from a trusted and verified community of buyers and sellers, pre-arranged pick up and delivery and a secure electronic payment process.
  • Scentbird
    Scentbird (s2015)Active • 165 employees • New York, NY, USA
    Scentbird inspires fragrance lovers to go beyond the ordinary and sample scents that evoke passion, confidence, and the unknown. Our mission is to revolutionize the way individuals perfume by bringing the ultimate fragrance playground right to their fingertips. By way of a monthly subscription service (starting at $14.95 a month), members can choose from over 500+ designer colognes and perfumes each month! See what we're all about at: // @Scentbird *WE'RE HIRING!:
  • Cleanly
    Cleanly (w2015)Active • 14 employees • New York, NY, USA
    We started Cleanly to create an alternative to your typical laundry and dry cleaning experience. An alternative where delivery occurs at the tap of a button and happens around your schedule. Where people are friendly and knowledgeable about the way your clothes are treated. Cleanly checks one item off your to-do list: Laundry day, done. Learn more about Cleanly on our website:
  • Withfriends
    Withfriends (w2019)Active • 3 employees • New York, NY, USA
    Withfriends makes it easy for any small business to offer memberships, so that your community can subscribe to support your business. Simply connect us to your online store or point-of-sale, and we'll offer memberships to your customers during checkout. We've found 1 in 20 customers will choose to become members, bringing your business an additional 45% in revenue.
  • NFTScoring
    NFTScoring (w2022)Active • 8 employees • New York, NY, USA
    NFTScoring is the place for you to discover, analyze and trade NFTs. We give you the superpowers to understand the NFT market in any given moment, make the best decisions, and take faster actions.
  • Flaviar
    Flaviar (s2014)Active • 60 employees • New York, NY, USA
    Flaviar, a spirits tasting club, offers a subscription service that helps members discover new liquor products through sample tasting packs. Every month, subscribers receive a tasting kit featuring 3 samples of spirits that have been sourced from across the globe.
  • Here
    Here (s2020)Active • 9 employees • New York, NY, USA
    Here is where friends and communities hang out together online in personalized and customized rooms. We believe that the Internet should be fun, weird and shared with others. You know what it feels like to be in the same place with a friend? To do something together? It's magical. And there's nothing quite like it online. Here is changing that.
  • CocuSocial (s2017)Active • 4 employees • New York, NY, USA
    CocuSocial is a marketplace for culinary experience including cooking, baking and tasting classes that are hosted at restaurants and hotels. Our mission is to educate, entertain and connect people through unique culinary experience.
  • Lovd
    Lovd (w2021)Active • 4 employees • New York, NY, USA
    Buy and sell previously Lovd goods. We'll pick up and deliver in 24 hours. Only in NYC.
  • Novig
    Novig (s2022)Active • 12 employees • New York, NY, USA
    Novig is a commission-free sports betting exchange that guarantees bettors the best odds and eliminates the need for traditional sportsbooks. We do this by enabling users to bet directly against friends or the market, rather than against the house, making the betting experience more efficient, fair, and, most importantly, profitable. We stand out by ditching the traditional revenue model of retail sportsbooks and leveraging cutting-edge technology to ensure our exchange is liquid and frictionless.
  • AirHelp
    AirHelp (w2014)Active • 350 employees • Berlin, Germany
    We help get compensation for air passengers that have experienced delayed, cancelled, and overbooked flights. We make the claim process much faster, easier and less painfull because the airlines won't. We love new challenges! As a start-up, we’ve been through it all and thanks to this our AirHelpers have developed the skills to deal with it all, and more, all while remaining passionate about what we do – helping ordinary people – as flight delays can happen to anyone. What helps us continuously develop, is our combination of talent, passion and persistance. What makes us different? Every single one of our employees can make an impact on the future of AirHelp – come up with an innovative idea – and we’ll help you implement it at AirHelp. This is an experience you can gain in very few places! If you’re looking to develop new skills, make an impact on not only global business, but ordinary, everyday travellers, and take risks developing and implementing new projects – what are you waiting for? Come join us today! With a variety of departments to choose from: tech, product, legal, finance, human resources, customer service (and the list goes on!) - you don’t have to narrow your horizons, just take your pick. Pick what you’ve got a knack for, and most importantly, what you enjoy! AirHelp. We're here to help!
  • LineLeap
    LineLeap (s2019)Active • 20 employees • New York, NY, USA
    LineLeap creates a one-stop shop where customers can purchase all of their nightlife products in one place. Currently, on LineLeap’s mobile platform (website and IOS app), customers can purchase and redeem: fast passes to skip the line, general admission tickets, VIP table/bottle service, and pre-ordered drinks. How it works is quite simple: Customers simply go to the platform, select the product of their choice, pay using a variety of payment options including Venmo, and redeem their pass with the click of a button from the doorman or bartender.
  • Spoken
    Spoken (s2021)Active • 2 employees • New York, NY, USA
    Spoken is a website where users compare buying options for the exact same product across multiple stores. We help our users never overpay online. Dane is a two-time technical YC founder; he sold his previous company, Parklet, to Greenhouse where he was VP of Platform for 4.5 years. Geoff is a Stanford MBA grad and sold his previous company Cabrio Taxi.
  • Fam
    Fam (s2017)Active • 11 employees • New York, NY, USA
    Fam is a group video calling social network to talk with your friends and make new friends. Fam was part of Y-Combinator’s Summer ’17 batch under FriendSpot.
  • Shoptiques (w2012)Active • 51 employees • New York, NY, USA brings boutique shopping online. On, you will experience personalized shopping with the most unique and fashion-forward inventory from the best local boutiques. This means no more searching through hundreds of sites and walking down random streets in hopes of finding the perfect item! It’s now easy to discover your favorite local boutiques and shop new looks in one place.
  • BoldVoice
    BoldVoice (s2021)Active • 7 employees • New York, NY, USA
    BoldVoice helps non-native English speakers to speak clearly and confidently. We combine bite-sized video lessons from Hollywood accent coaches with instant pronunciation feedback from AI, to create an effective and engaging learning experience.
  • Lawdingo (w2013)Active • New York, NY, USA
    Lawdingo gets people in touch with a lawyer very quickly. Lawdingo gives people seeking legal services direct access to independent lawyers who can help them. Such attorneys usually have more flexible hours, lower rates, and greater interest in customer service than to their larger firm counterparts. The problem is that there is so many such lawyers; how is someone supposed to figure out who is right for them, and who has some time to take on their case? Fair question. Coincidentally, we started Lawdingo to answer just that. If you're looking for a lawyer, we encourage you to try finding an easier way to get one to work for you. If you are a lawyer working in solo or small practice, we encourage you to find a more effective way to grow your law practice. We also encourage you not to take our word for it. Read what Solo Practice University, the ABA Journal, FindLaw, AboveTheLaw, TechCrunch, Lifehacker, and others say about us. This isn't some fly-by-the-night company. This is the future of the legal industry. We hope you'll get in touch. Lawdingo was started by Nikhil Nirmel (, an entrepreneur with a background at Yelp and Wharton Undergrad, and Dan Langevin , a ridiculously talented technologist who was formerly CTO of Lifebooker. Lawdingo has backing from Y Combinator and other investors.
  • Mooji Meats
    Mooji Meats (w2022)Active • 7 employees • Baltimore, MD, USA
    Mooji Meats 3D prints plant-based steaks that look, feel and taste just like the real thing. We build a highly scalable manufacturing process that overcomes today's trade-off between authentic textures and scalability. We close the gap in taste, look, feel, nutrition, cost between meat mimics and real meat, tapping into an $1 trillion market opportunity.
  • Phind
    Phind (s2022)Active • 4 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Phind is an intelligent answer engine for developers. Focused on helping you solve challenging problems, it uses generative AI to give you the answer you're looking for in seconds instead of hours. Connected to the internet and your codebase, Phind has the context it needs to get you the right answer.
  • Verse
    Verse (w2022)Active • 7 employees • New York, NY, USA
    The creation & curation platform for the mobile native consumer.
  • Operator Labs
    Operator Labs (w2020)Active • 6 employees • New York, NY, USA
    Toolkit for connecting AI agents to the decentralized web
  • Storyboarder
    Storyboarder (w2023)Active • 2 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Storyboarder is a tool and a platform for anyone to create, share, and sell webcomics. In East Asia, the webcomic (or digital manga) industry is an $12B market and rapidly growing to the rest of the world. Webtoon, the largest company in the space, generates $100M / month in revenue. However, their addressable market is limited by their content creators, who need know how to draw. Readers are desperate for a greater variety of stories in webcomics. Through years of working with filmmakers, we’ve built extremely easy to use storyboarding software that has 700K users. We’re democratizing visual storytelling to everyone. We’re working on the next generation that, through advances in video game interfaces, ubiquitous 3D compute, and AI, will allow anyone to easily create scenes, pose characters, to create webcomics. Storyboarder is backed by Y Combinator (W23), David Karp (Tumblr Founder), Andrew Kortina (Venmo Founder), and other product focused investors.
  • Techmate
    Techmate (s2016)Acquired • 11 employees • New York, NY, USA
    Techmate offers simple, on-demand tech support for small businesses and startups. With fast appointment booking, transparent pricing, and friendly, trusted technicians, we aim to take the frustration out of tech support. Get onsite or virtual tech support in as little as 2 hours.
  • WayUp
    WayUp (w2015)Acquired • 50 employees • New York, NY, USA
    WayUp is the #1 way to hire the right students and recent grads. We are the leading digital solution for employers to reach, engage, and recruit students and recent grads for internships and jobs. Find out more information at:
  • Audm
    Audm (s2017)Acquired • 10 employees • New York, NY, USA
    Audm is a mobile app that turns long-form print journalism into professionally narrated digital audio. The app, which was quietly launched on 2016, uses professional voice actors to read news content that makes it enjoyable to listen to.
  • Bluesmart (w2015)Acquired • 51 employees • New York, NY, USA
    Bluesmart is a global travel company that became famous for creating the world's first smart connected luggage. Its first product, the Bluesmart Carry-on, launched in October 2014 through Indiegogo and raised more than $2M in pre-orders from more than 10,000 backers in 120 countries worldwide. It was named "Top Innovative Product and Service"​ by Forbes Magazine, awarded "Best Travel Gear"​ by Fast Company and “Best of the Best"​ Red Dot Design Award. The company is backed by Y Combinator and other top Silicon Valley venture investors. Bluesmart is headquartered in New York with offices in Hong Kong, China and Argentina.
  • Hellosaurus
    Hellosaurus (s2020)Acquired • 25 employees • New York, NY, USA
    [Hellosaurus]( is an interactive video platform for kids filled with stories they can actually play instead of just watch. Top kids media creators and popular YouTube stars are already making content for our platform and transforming screen time into an active and fun experience. Hellosaurus is developing software tools for creators of high-quality kids programming to make truly participatory shows and a single distribution platform to share these creations with families everywhere. Experts in early childhood education have long stressed the importance of play for healthy cognitive and social development, and Hellosaurus supports this by empowering content creators to build enriching, interactive shows that engage kids as active participants rather than passive viewers.
  • Genius
    Genius (s2011)Acquired • 101 employees • Brooklyn, NY, USA
    Genius is the world's biggest encyclopedia of music. Powered by its community, in-house creative team, and the artists themselves, Genius serves music knowledge to over 100 million people each month on and everywhere music fans connect across the internet. Founded in 2009, Genius began as a platform for annotating rap lyrics. Over the years, it has expanded its mission to include more than hip-hop, and more than just lyrics. Every song has a story that needs to be told, and the biggest names in music—including Frank Ocean, Lorde, and Lin-Manuel Miranda—come to Genius to give the world insight into their art.