Real Time Payments infraestructure

Infinia is enabling Fintechs, PSPs and Banks to connect to RTP rails both for payins and payouts globally. Ianai, the CEO, is the former Global VP of Partnerships at dLocal and grew the company from $0 to $100M ARR.

Team Size:3
Location:Montevideo, Uruguay
Group Partner:Harj Taggar

Active Founders

Ianai Urwicz

Former d-local (NASDAQ: DLO) VP Sales and Partnership, I have been working in the Fintech industry for more than 10 years. Tech early adopter. Half Israeli- half Latino.

Ianai Urwicz
Ianai Urwicz

Alejandro Rettig

25+ years of experience in the Fintech & Telecom market, including R&D, product management, project management, and sales. Passionate about technology, always innovates and improves the processes and the business. Proven experience managing teams and creating more than 50 products/services, that were deployed in customers across Latin America, Africa and Asia. Specialties: Product Creation, Design and Development, Research, Innovation, Team Management, Project Management, Sales and Pre/Sales.

Alejandro Rettig
Alejandro Rettig

Company Launches

One API - Multi-country A2A Payments

Hi everyone!! Ianai and Alejandro here to introduce Infinia.

Infinia makes it easy for consumer to pay by bank, and we make it easy for merchants to enable this payment method.

😩 The Problem

Unlike Europe, where there is an open banking standard and regulation, in LATAM each country operates independently, with different regulation and payment rail.

In addition, cards decline rate roughly 35% in LATAM….

We are the first solution to put together those payment rails and create an easy way for merchants to accept frictionless Pay By Bank across the continent.

🤩 Our Solution

All-in-one Pay By Bank API solution:

  1. Payment initiation services: it makes live easier for consumers to pay.
  2. Funds confirmation: Businesses can confirm funds in real time.
  3. Rewards program: consumers earn in store credit when they pay by bank.

Who is this for?

Merchants, apps, marketplaces, payment service providers, who operates in LATAM, and would like to save on credit card fees and offer a frictionless Pay By Bank option 🚀!!

Our Ask 🙏

  • Share this post! Please help spread the word, we want to help startups with fairer payments.
  • Connect us with companies, potential partners and clients. We would love to showcase our product and discuss the future of payments in LATAM.

Feel free to reach out to us founders@infiniaweb.com.

Company Photo

Company Photo

Selected answers from Infinia's original YC application for the W23 Batch

Describe what your company does in 50 characters or less.

A2A payments infrastructure in LATAM

What is your company going to make? Please describe your product and what it does or will do.

We are building an A2A (account to account) payment toolkit for merchants and payment providers.

It has been engineered to streamline the "Pay by bank" process for both consumers and merchants.

The toolkit includes: funds confirmation API, Payment initiation API and embedded reward program.