Open-source secrets manager for developers

Full Stack Engineer

$50K - $150K / 0.10% - 0.50%
San Francisco, CA, US / Remote
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1+ years
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Maidul Islam
Maidul Islam

About the role

About Infisical

Infisical is the #1 open source secret management platform for developers. In other words, we help organizations manage API-keys, DB access tokens, certificates, and other credentials across all parts of their infra! In fact, we process over 2B of such secrets per month.

Our customers already include some of the largest public enterprises and some of the fastest-growing startups. Developers love us and every day our community is growing stronger! Join us on a mission to make security easier for all developers – starting from secret management.

About this role

Infisical is looking for a full stack engineer to help us build, optimize, and create the foundations of the product. You will be working closely with our CTO and the rest of the engineering team on:

  • making Infisical usable across a wide range of tech stacks;
  • maintaining our infrastructure;
  • ensuring our customers have a great experience;
  • implementing and advancing functionality like automatic secret rotation;
  • experimenting with new approaches for secret management in the AI world.

Overall, you’re going to be one of the defining pieces of our team as we scale to thousands of customers over the next 18 months.

About you

This job will require you to be a Swiss army knife of an engineer. Overall, this role demands the following pivotal skills:

  • Proven expertise in infrastructure management, tooling, and optimization.
  • Experience with Docker and/or Kubernetes.
  • Understanding of cloud-native architecture (AWS preferred) and Infrastructure as Code (Terraform)
  • Proficiency in TypeScript and/or Go.

On any given day, you may be:

  • developing new features that will be used by tens of thousands of developers.
  • working on resiliency and stability of the Infisical platform.
  • improving security and cryptography practices.
  • squashing bugs as well as talking to our community and enterprise customers.
  • hyper-polishing Infisical's UI/UX/DX.
  • presenting your work (e.g., new features/learnings) through blogs or videos to our community. or all of the above!

How you will grow?

With this role, you play the defining role in building out Infisical, choosing the right technologies, setting up all the necessary processes from the start, solving scalability issues, as well as making sure that our community and customer base keeps growing.

As our team grows and you get more experience on the team, you'll also have the opportunity to fully own particular parts of the platform end-to-end.

Team, Values & Benefits

Our team has worked across transformative tech companies, from Figma to AWS to Red Hat.

We have an office in San Francisco, but we are mostly a remote team. We try to get together as often as possible – whether it's for an off-site, conferences, or just get-togethers. This is a full-time role open to anyone in North/South American and European time zones.

At Infisical, we will treat you well with a competitive salary and equity offer. Depending on your risk tolerance, we would love to talk more with you about the range of options available between the two. For some other benefits (including lunch stipend, work setup budget, etc), please check out our careers page:

About Infisical

Infisical is the #1 open source secret management platform – used by tens of thousands of developers.

We raised $3M from Y Combinator, Gradient Ventures (Google's VC fund), and awesome angel investors like Elad Gil, Arash Ferdowsi (founder/ex-CTO of Dropbox), Paul Copplestone (founder/CEO of Supabase), James Hawkins (founder/CEO of PostHog), Andrew Miklas (founder/ex-CTO of PagerDuty), Diana Hu (GP at Y Combinator), and more.

We are default alive, and have signed many customers ranging from fastest growing startups to post-IPO enterprises.

Team Size:15
Location:San Francisco
Tuan Dang
Tuan Dang
Maidul Islam
Maidul Islam
Vlad Matsiiako
Vlad Matsiiako