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Senior DevOps Engineer at InfluxData

Remote / Remote
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6+ years
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About the role

InfluxDB is one of the most popular and fastest-growing open source databases, and is the premier Time Series database available today. It is relied on throughout the world for monitoring infrastructure, IoT, and many other important applications. InfluxData, the company behind influxdb has recently released a fully SaaS version. Even while being used heavily in production, both the database and the SaaS version are in heavy development, even as adoption is growing rapidly.

In order to achieve our next levels of adoption, we need to get even better at minimizing the time between a pull request and releasing code into both versions of Influxdb, making releases boring by making them stable, well-monitored, and revertable.

This is an excellent opportunity for anyone with deep experience running in production at scale, and who has a strong interest in Open Source, Kubernetes, and helping fellow developers. 

What You'll Bring to the Team

  • You have real-world experience in continuous delivery.
  • You are knowledgeable about Kubernetes and its surrounding ecosystem.
  • Multiple years of experience developing internal-facing tools for developers.
  • Multiple years of experience working closely with teams deploying software to multiple regions in multiple clouds.
  • You have experience both with continuous delivery of a project developed in a monorepo, and with projects developed in many individual repositories.
  • You know how to collaborate with many teams to identify a company's value stream pipeline and where to focus on optimization
  • You have designed and implemented delivery pipelines for complex distributed systems.
  • You are comfortable coding in Go, or you know enough other languages that picking up Go won't be any trouble for you.
  • You have prior experience working with a geographically distributed organization.
  • You understand many of the tradeoffs of in delivery design decisions: ** Regularly deploying small batches of changes to production, versus less frequent and larger batches. ** Checking in dependencies into the main repository. ** Deciding on a canary, blue-green, or other deployment strategy.  

What You’ll Be Doing:

  • Designing and maintaining a CI/CD pipeline for our products:
  • Ensuring that developers are able to quickly solve any CI issues they encounter, e.g. they can quickly identify tests that fail.
  • Identifying and addressing bottlenecks in the pipeline so that developers get fast feedback on code changes.
  • Ensuring that we are tracking appropriate metrics on our pipeline to know that we are improving on quality and throughput.
  • Contributing fixes and features back upstream to open source tools used in the pipeline.
  • Writing custom integrations with third-party tooling when appropriate, and using existing integrations in other cases.
  • Experimenting with new CI tooling on our internal tooling deployments before rolling it out to our production deployments.  

Bonus points if you have experience in:

  • A GitOps-style deployment strategy.
  • Delivering an on-premises version of a SaaS product.
  • Working with feature-flagging frameworks and rolling them out to many development teams.
  • Developing an open-core product.

Why you should join InfluxData

InfluxData is a fully remote, VC-backed, pre-IPO company and the creator of InfluxDB, which is the fastest open source time series database and our client base is growing. Whether the data comes from humans, sensors or large servers, InfluxDB delivers a platform built specifically for metrics, events and other time-based data. Our database is being used by companies like Tesla, Cisco, Wayfair and Disney.