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Senior Software Engineer at Infracost

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6+ years
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Ali Khajeh-Hosseini
Ali Khajeh-Hosseini

About the role

We need another engineer to join us on our mission to empower engineering teams to use the cloud efficiently and economically. We want everyone to love their cloud bill!

We are a funded, early stage, remote first, four-person company working in UTC+/-5. We're backed by Y Combinator and other top Silicon Valley investors.

We're building with Go, Typescript, and React. We use Terraform and Kubernetes. Don't worry if any of that is new to you. We know you can learn whatever you find interesting. We'll help! Half the fun of a new job is learning new stuff. We have a great network to learn from too, here’s a video of us learning from the founder of GitLab.

Infracost will be great for you if:

  • You're an expert in cloud computing, or would like to become one.
  • You’re any race, color, religion, gender, national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, age.
  • You like to laugh.
  • You move fast and ask for help when needed.
  • You are friendly and like to collaborate.
  • You value being part of a team and a community.
  • You can set your ego aside because you know good ideas can come from anywhere.
  • You appreciate a competitive salary and significant stock options with an employee-friendly 10 year exercise window.


  • Develop new features end-to-end. Here are two examples of upcoming challenges:
    • How can we estimate costs for usage-based resources such as S3 and Lambda? Checkout this GitHub issue for initial ideas.
    • Infracost has Bash-based integrations with many CI/CD systems. Bash has enabled us to prototype quickly but we're hitting its limits. Soon we'll have to develop an application that handles these integrations so we can do things like create-or-update PR comments.
  • Troubleshoot/fix issues reported by the community.
  • Support contributors by reviewing their pull requests.
  • Help improve the community contribution workflow and user docs.


  • 6+ years of work experience in a fast paced, high growth tech environment.
  • Experience with either Go, Ruby, Python, TypeScript or JavaScript.
  • Experience with any of the following is a plus: DevOps, open source contributions, cloud pricing/billing, React.
  • Being a remote company and working with a community via open source, clear and concise writing is important.
  • Your timezone should be between +/-5 hours UTC (Alistair and Hassan are based in Edinburgh, Tim is based in Florida and Ali is in Istanbul just now).

Why you should join Infracost

$80B will be spent on cloud infra this year but 30% is wasted.

30% of cloud infra spend is wasted, which will count for $25B this year. No wonder companies fear their cloud bill! We're on a mission to empower engineering teams to use the cloud efficiently and economically. We want everyone to love their cloud bill.

What's going on?

We all adopted the cloud, the utopian dream of using infrastructure as and when needed. This was amazing until that first cloud bill shock happened. We thought it was just a one-off but it keeps popping up, and it feels like we’re playing a losing game of whack-a-mole. Meanwhile, the cloud providers are enjoying the show as their profits are up and to the right. It almost feels like they made cloud pricing opaque by design!

We keep repeating top-down directives to reduce the bill. CEOs shout at managers, who shout at engineers, and now the engineers can't push new features because they're too busy paying back the cloud bill tech-debt. This lasts for weeks, sometimes months, and it frustrates everyone.

This was not the promise of the cloud! So why do we keep repeating this exercise in futility?

A different approach solves the problem at its root by showing engineers the cost of what they're buying, before they actually buy it. It sounds obvious, but it really is that simple. The engineers see prices that map directly to their code in their workflow.

We makes it effortless for companies to be cost-efficient from the start. Engineers are no longer frustrated by the futile cloud bill reduction exercises, they are now praised for shipping features fast. When the bill comes in, instead of shouting and finger-pointing, managers are now proud of the efficiency of their organization. For the first time, we love our cloud bills!

Engineering teams at many enterprises including BMW, HelloFresh and HP are using Infracost. We're backed by Y Combinator and other great investors. We are grateful to have a community of over 150 people in our Slack channel and 40 open source contributors supporting our mission.