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About the role

Inspectify is a Y Combinator-backed startup building the leading marketplace for home inspections. Our software streamlines the inspection experience and creates the single most comprehensive data set for every single home. We operate in both the United States and Canada and partner with some of the most prominent and fastest growing real estate brokerages in the world.

We are looking for our first Data Engineering hire to come help design and build our data platform.

As a Data Engineer You Will

  • Design and build scalable, secure, and intuitive data platforms and applications.
  • Build, transform, and derive value from high-quality datasets, bringing in new insights for our customers and partners.
  • Integrate with external APIs, computer vision tooling, and 3D / floor plan rendering software.
  • Productionalize ML models.
  • Build and maintain infrastructure for data processing and machine learning.
  • Collaborate with product managers, engineers, data scientists, and analysts.
  • Research and pioneer the adoption of new technologies.

You Have

  • 3+ years of experience in software and data engineering. 
  • High proficiency in Python. 
  • SQL expertise.
  • Data modeling knowledge. 
  • Experience building highly scalable and reliable data pipelines using technologies like RedShift, SnowFlake, Databricks, Spark / pySpark, or similar.
  • Experience with Cloud services, especially AWS EMR, Glue, Athena, LakeFormation, or SageMaker.
  • Experience building and using REST APIs.
  • Good communication skills and prior experience working closely with customers to understand requirements.

You Optionally Have Experience With

  • Ruby on Rails.
  • Postgres.
  • Data ingestion or ELT tools like FiveTran, Stitch, Matillion, or Segment.
  • Hive, Trino or Presto.
  • Dbt, Airflow, Prefect, or Dagster.
  • Great Expectations, Soda, or Deequ.
  • Data visualization tools like Metabase, reDash, or Superset.
  • DevOps (CD/CI, Infrastructure as Code).
  • Containerization technologies like Docker or Kubernetes.
  • Streaming technologies like Spark Streaming, Flink, Kafka, Kinesis, or FireHose.

We value the experience and perspective of candidates with non-traditional backgrounds. We encourage you to apply if you have transferable skills or related experiences.

In addition to a competitive base salary, this position offers equity awards.

We Are:  Professional. Knowledgeable. Empowering. Efficient. Innovative. Understanding. 

Our Values:

We care about people

We work with different types of people everyday and we need to pay attention to them. Starting with the people, internally and externally, will help us gain and keep their trust as we build out our offerings.

Understand and connect the system

We understand that we’re placing ourselves as a third-party in an already complicated dynamic in real estate. Our current work and future vision will continuously affect the different elements in the transaction space. From all areas, know how one action or change can affect the ecosystem.

Empower to Own

We strive to set an environment where people can be leaders which means being able to own. Opening up opportunities for trials, experiments, and thought-provoking conversations will bring a sense of impact and value to each and every one of us. 

Be consistent with a purpose

We need to have established opinions on different matters. These perspectives that we carry on shows that we should be consistent in our messaging, interaction, and relationship. But, always remember to be intentional and know why we hold onto these thoughts.

Expand your potential

We want to be in a culture that cultivates growth in our employees. Leaders not only lead but also think bigger organizationally. By crafting this type of atmosphere, we want to make sure our customers and partners are getting the best experience.

Be conscious by giving back

We adopt a mentality of creating a cycle of giving back to the community and/or society. The space we’re in is very tight-knit and Inspectify needs to be at the forefront of being an example in the industry. Being thoughtful of our community reflects that we are conscious of our position in the business.

Why you should join Inspectify

At Inspectify, we are a Y Combinator (S20) and Seed funded start-up focused on helping transition eager homebuyers into empowered homeowners through our home ownership platform. We do so through leveraging proprietary home inspection data. Our vision is to make home ownership simple by empowering homeowners with data and software.

Team Size:55
Location:Seattle, WA
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Denis Bellavance
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