A payment platform for the entire US $800B restaurant industry

Founding Full Stack Engineer

$90k - $120k / 0.25% - 0.50%
Austin, TX / Remote
Job Type
3+ years
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Nick Evans
Nick Evans

About the role

We are looking for a founding engineer that is ready to join a team of people that are dedicated to improving the restaurant dining experience.

There will be lots of opportunities to use and learn different skills as we build the foundation of our product. We focus on week-over-week experiments for new flows and designs to increase revenue and engagement and to continue to grow our restaurant and user base.

Who You Are

  • Please have at least 4-10 years of full stack development experience.
  • Familiarity with our stack - React Native, Rails, and Postgres is preferred. Must be comfortable working independently with changing requirements.
  • You should be comfortable building high quality features quickly. Would love to see projects that you have worked on.
  • We value ownership - you should be proactive and do whatever you think is necessary for the team to achieve our goal. If you want to avoid things that are “not my job”, this role is not a good fit.
  • Having restaurant experience or interest in the industry is a huge plus! Austin is preferred, but San Francisco or remote work as well.

Not you? Who is the best full stack engineer you know? We would love to connect with them!

Who We Are

We have 3 technical founders with impressive backgrounds including Nick Evans who co-founded Tile, Shayan Guha who has over 15 years of software experience and worked at a number of YC-backed companies, and Thomas Garrison who has had wild success trading the crypto and public markets.

Along with the founders, Lindsay George is working as Instamenu’s full time UX/UI Designer. Lindsay has experience building apps for multiple restaurants and is leading the team on user research and design efforts.

Two of us are in Austin, one in San Francisco, and one in New York.

Why you should join Instamenu

Instamenu is building software for Restaurant 3.0. We work with restaurants to allow their customers to order and pay for food directly from their mobile devices. Restaurants currently pay up to $3000 per month for sub-par software from 5-15 different vendors. We are building the best version of everything restaurants need in order to improve efficiency so that we can focus on improving the customer experience release after release.

COVID has turned the restaurant industry (one of the largest in the world at $800B) completely on its head, and never before has there been a better time to build a company like Instamenu.