Instant Domains

Mobile-first domains for businesses and creators

Experienced Rust Engineer

$100k - $200k / 0.25% - 1.00%
Amsterdam, Netherlands / Remote
Job Type
3+ years
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Dirkjan Ochtman
Dirkjan Ochtman

About the role

Instant Domains is hiring senior Rust engineers to help build a modern, mobile-first domain registrar.

Instant Domains

  • Help businesses be successful online with a domain that they own
  • Focus on building tools to help businesses grow online
  • Rebuilding core internet infrastructure in Rust with an experienced team

The Job

  • Experienced Rust engineer
  • Can work on all parts of the stack, with a focus on Rust
  • We contribute back to the open source community

Our Technology

Location & Compensation

  • Remote, +/- 3 hours of CET
  • $100,000-$200,000 USD-equivalent + equity


About the interview

First option: consulting agreement

In an ideal world, we'd love to work with you for a few weeks on a substantial project (maybe one of our open source projects) to feel out how the interaction is working. That way, we could both have a better sense if you are a fit with our team.

Second option: interview process

We're just getting started, so this is not yet fully defined, but it probably looks roughly like this:

  • Meeting with the hiring manager (CTO). This will not go into much technical depth, but will discuss our needs, your motivation and some of your past experience.
  • If we're both happy, we can move forward with a work sample test. You can pick your choice of a live discussion or an asynchronous assignment (which would not take more than about 3 hours).
  • Meeting with the CEO to discuss your team fit, with more behavioral questions.
  • Meeting with another engineer on the team to discuss system design.

Meetings should take at most 1 hour, with ample time for questions from your side.

Why you should join Instant Domains

Instant Domains is building a modern, mobile-first, ICANN-accredited domain registrar from scratch in Rust. We help people grow an audience that they own.

Instant Domains
Team Size:4
Location:Victoria, Canada
Beau Hartshorne
Beau Hartshorne
Dirkjan Ochtman
Dirkjan Ochtman