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The developer-first platform for AI phone calls

Intelliga Voice
Team Size:2
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Michael Seibel

Active Founders

Isaiah Granet

CNN Hero (San Diego Chill) Prev logistics / ecommerce founder, Software Engineer @ Lantern

Isaiah Granet
Isaiah Granet
Intelliga Voice

Sobhan Nejad

Co-founder of Intelliga. Building a platform for AI phone calling.

Company Launches

TLDR; At Intelliga Health, we use AI to streamline insurance workflows for medical practices. We integrate seamlessly with fax machines, digitize and organize inbound insurance communication, and write appeals back to insurance.


Manual workflows associated with running medical practices - like organizing faxes, scanning files, and dealing with insurance - distract doctors from the most important part of their days, caring for their patients.

Prior Authorization, for example, costs an estimated 16 hours each week, while causing delays and sometimes denials to patients’ treatments.


We’re developing an AI-powered system to automate back-office operations for medical practices. Our first product, Appeal Suite, helps practices organize inbound faxes and win more prior authorization appeals. Try our public demo here!

Product Snapshot

After receiving a fax from insurance, our system can:

Categorize the fax by type, patient, and authorization case within an electronic inbox

Generate a persuasive and evidence-based appeal letter to inbound denials

Why are we building it?

One month ago my aunt passed away from pancreatic cancer. During her hospitalization insurance repeatedly denied treatment, preventing her from accessing chemotherapy because it wasn’t “medically necessary”.

We’re fighting every day to help other patients like my aunt get the life-saving treatments they need.


  • Share our Appeal Portal with the healthcare providers you know!
  • If you have experience selling to medical practices and/or hospitals, we’d love to meet with you.