Reliably integrate with websites that don’t have official APIs

Intuned is an AI enabled cloud platform to author, deploy, and monitor integrations to extract web data and execute browser automation. We enable engineers to build reliable integrations to access data and complete actions on other web services when official APIs are not available or complete.

Team Size:7
Location:Kirkland, WA

Active Founders

Faisal Ilaiwi

I am a software engineer. I started my career at Microsoft (6.5 years) and then joined UiPath (3.5 years). In UiPath, I had the roles of an Engineering Manager and a Director of Engineering, where I grew my team from 2 to ~20 people within 2.5 years and faced many challenges doing that. We are building Intuned to help ease some of these challenges. I grow up in Palestine and went to college there; I was then hired to join Microsoft from there.

Faisal Ilaiwi
Faisal Ilaiwi

Zawad Chowdhury

Previously I served as a Platform Product Manager at Microsoft and UiPath. Now I'm on a mission to help developers reliably integrate with websites that don’t have official APIs. I enjoy convincing people to do intramurals, spending time with family, reading mangas, and listening to audiobooks.

Zawad Chowdhury
Zawad Chowdhury

Company Launches

TL;DR: Intuned is the data assistant for engineering leaders. Watch our demo to see how it works, and email us if you want to learn more or get early access!

We are Faisal and Zawad, and we are building Intuned! We are on a mission to help engineering leaders!

❌ The Problem

Being an engineering manager day to day is not easy. There is a lot that engineering managers are dealing with, here are a few of the many issues we are trying to help with:

  • When it comes to people, many management decisions rely on gut feeling alone. This is why the performance-reviews period is a tough one.
  • There are a lot of repetitive, ad-hock, and manual tasks that are expected from a manager. An example is the regular reporting managers are often asked to prepare. Another one is the periodic planning activities that teams go through.
  • Driving change within organizations is hard, what makes it harder is the lack of an easy way to set measurable goals and track progress towards achieving them.
  • Managers have to deal with a set of different tools day to day, these tools all have different and inflexible notification systems, which makes them (as notification systems) useless. This is why managers use a pull model (go check on things) vs. a push model (they get notified) on the things they care about.

✨ Our Solution

While the problems above are common with most managers, the exact way they can be solved will depend on the manager, their team, their processes, and the systems they use. There is NO one-size-fits-all here!

With Intuned, we are providing a toolbox to help!

As an engineering leader, Intuned will enable you to connect your data from the different systems you and your team use (Jira, Github, Notion, Excel, and more) and will give you a powerful way to query it, explore it, build metrics, and actions on top of it.

Using this flexible approach, we believe we can help managers with many of their regular tasks, and save them time, effort and randomization.

Watch our 4-min demo to see how it works

⚙️ How does it work?

🔗 Connect your data with a few clicks.

❓ Query and explore your data - save hours on building manual reports.

🔔 Setup a custom notifications - never miss a critical issue again!

🏗️ Why build this?

As a former engineering manager myself, this is the product that I wish I had!

2.5 years ago, I became a manager for an engineering team of 2 that end up growing to around 20 people by the time I left UiPath.

As my team was scaling, we experienced growing pains with engineers being blocked, deployments getting delayed, and overall team execution lagging. I realized our software delivery process wasn’t keeping up but I couldn’t pin point what it was. So I ended up building a small tool to help! That tool ended up being very useful. That tool is the inspiration behind Intuned.

Let’s Talk!

If you or someone you know are a leader of an engineering team who is feeling some of these pains, we think Intuned can help! please email us or schedule a meeting with us.