Reliably integrate with websites that don’t have official APIs

Intuned is an AI enabled cloud platform to author, deploy, and monitor integrations to extract web data and execute browser automation. We enable engineers to build reliable integrations to access data and complete actions on other web services when official APIs are not available or complete.

Team Size:7
Location:Kirkland, WA
Group Partner:Michael Seibel

Active Founders

Faisal Ilaiwi

I am a software engineer. I started my career at Microsoft (6.5 years) and then joined UiPath (3.5 years). In UiPath, I had the roles of an Engineering Manager and a Director of Engineering, where I grew my team from 2 to ~20 people within 2.5 years and faced many challenges doing that. We are building Intuned to help ease some of these challenges. I grow up in Palestine and went to college there; I was then hired to join Microsoft from there.

Faisal Ilaiwi
Faisal Ilaiwi

Zawad Chowdhury

Previously I served as a Platform Product Manager at Microsoft and UiPath. Now I'm on a mission to help developers reliably integrate with websites that don’t have official APIs. I enjoy convincing people to do intramurals, spending time with family, reading mangas, and listening to audiobooks.

Zawad Chowdhury
Zawad Chowdhury

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Use Intuned to develop, deploy, consume, and monitor reliable web scrapers and browser automations. Reliability is powered by AI.

❌ The Problem

Startups increasingly rely on browser automation for data scraping and RPA (Robotic Process Automation: automate what doesn’t have APIs via UI). However, the process of building, deploying, and maintaining these automations is fraught with challenges:

  • Building and deploying browser automations requires specialized infrastructure that can be complex to set up and maintain.
  • Browser-based automations are inherently fragile. Over 100 conversations with founders, product managers, and integration team members revealed a unanimous concern: the reliability and maintenance headache of scrapers and RPA.
  • The lack of monitoring tools for browser automations complicates the prompt detection and resolution of issues that occur during automation operations.

✨ Our solution

Intuned is the platform for developers and product teams to develop, deploy, consume, and monitor reliable web scrapers and browser automations. We use LLMs to make common browser automation tasks easier to build and more reliable. Check out our docs (https://docs.intunedhq.com) for more info.


How does it work?


The Intuned platform has an IDE built to speed up the process of building browser automations. Intuned IDE comes with custom features like action recording, selector creator, and more! To learn more, check out Develop.


Intuned’s projects can be deployed with a single click and within a minute. To learn more, check out Deploy.


Start consuming your projects by making API calls directly or scheduling jobs for scraping tasks. To learn more, check out Consume.


Get proactive alerts on failures - with access to previous runs’ traces, recordings, and results. To learn more, check out Monitor.


As part of the Intuned platform, we provide the @intuned/sdk , a library built on top of Playwright, extending its capabilities by offering powerful helpers designed for common browser automation tasks. The @intuned/sdk enhances Playwright by making automation tasks more reliable and easier to implement.

Our story - why build this?

Faisal and I started our YC journey working on an analytics platform. However, our background at UiPath drew founders to us with challenges around scaling manual processes. These interactions revealed the inefficiency of classic RPA tools for customer-facing integrations. When the time to pivot arrived, we analyzed YC startups batch-by-batch and observed a rising trend: many founders were venturing into areas requiring non-standardized access.

Over 100 conversations with founders, product managers, and integration team members revealed a unanimous concern: the complexity and reliability of building and maintaining such integrations. Over the past few months, we've handled over a million requests for our early customers who are setting up their large-scale scrapers/automations.

Our ask to you

Are you a dev building a scraper or browser automations? Or have you been postponing building those? Check out Intuned, or just chat with us here.

Know someone facing these challenges? We appreciate introductions! Contact us for an introduction blurb to facilitate the process.

Docs and How-to guides

General docs: https://docs.intunedhq.com

Quick start: https://docs.intunedhq.com/docs/getting-started/quick-start

Build your first scraper - webhook sink: https://docs.intunedhq.com/docs/guides/scrapers/how-to-scrape-to-webhook

Build your first scraper - S3 sink: https://docs.intunedhq.com/docs/guides/scrapers/how-to-scrape-to-s3

Scrape data from web and files: https://docs.intunedhq.com/docs/guides/scrapers/how-to-scrape-files

Web data extraction (how you don’t need selectors anymore!): https://docs.intunedhq.com/docs/data-extraction/web-data-extraction

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