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Home diagnostic & subscription program for people with sperm and ovary

Janani is building at-home diagnostic and treatment plans to service 130 Million infertile Indians, starting with at-home semen diagnostic. We launched 4 months ago, we already have ~$8000 of monthly revenue, and we’re growing 50% every month. On average we make $60 per customer, this is an 8 Billion USD market opportunity.

Jobs at Janani.life

$25k - $30k
0.25% - 0.50%
6+ years
Team Size:24
Location:Bengaluru, India

Active Founders

Raj Garg

IIT Roorkee Graduate, a tech enthusiast, trying to disrupt reproductive and sexual wellness.

Nilay Mehrotra

A Mechanical Engineer by degree who is passionate about revolutionising Sexual and Reproductive healthcare in India

Nilay Mehrotra
Nilay Mehrotra