Automatic circuit board design.

Software Engineer - Software-defined electronics at JITX

Berkeley or Bay Area Local (preferred to remote) / Remote
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3+ years
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Jonathan Bachrach
Jonathan Bachrach
Creative Director

About the role


JITX is a way to design circuit boards faster, better, and with fewer errors. Instead of manually drafting and reviewing one-off designs, write code to generate designs programmatically. Our AI-powered solvers handle the low-level details, and make your engineering work massively reusable.

Our vision at JITX is to automate hardware design for the benefit of science and the welfare of humanity. JITX is a team that is building next generation software to help companies design better electronics. Dedicated to solving difficult problems with huge impact, our first step is to automate circuit board design.

This is a cross functional role that encompasses both software and hardware. The Open Components Database (OCDB) is a open-source software library for automating electrical engineering. It is the "standard library" for JITX, and contains component models, common subcircuits, solvers for power distribution networks, etc. Unlike a traditional CAD library, OCDB is programmatically-defined using JITX code. With a few well-chosen parameters, JITX can model not just a single component, but all components in that family, the subcircuits for those components, and verify the correctness of each design.

Your primary responsibility is to use your combined hardware and software experience to develop and evolve the Open Components Database (OCDB) library, to make it easier for new JITX users to automate their hardware designs. Responsibilities You should understand the traditional hardware design workflow, and also have refined taste in software engineering. You should have good programming skills and understand how to exploit a programming language to create better workflows for hardware design. You should think obsessively about how to most elegantly express things in code. You will develop and maintain a consistent methodology for modeling components and modules, and an organizational strategy for OCDB. You will work on properly parameterizing modules and components so that users can use them in their own designs. You will create examples of using OCDB to show off the system. You will write importers/exporters/utilities to import component data and designs You will be using our own language, called Stanza. Experience in C++, Java, and Python would aid the ramp up to learning this language.


This role will need to be local within the California Bay Area. JITX will continue to be flexible in the Post- Covid Work Plan but this role will be asked to join certain team members on a weekly basis in a South Bay Satellite Office and/or likely once (or twice) a month in our Berkeley office.

At JITX, we celebrate and support differences. We are learning everyday by drawing on our differences in who we are, what we've experienced, and how we think to make JITX thrive. JITX is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and is an affirmative action employer. We are committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity, gender expression, protected veteran status, and any other characteristic protected under applicable State or Federal laws and regulations.

Why you should join JITX

JITX was founded with the mission to fully automate hardware design to advance science and the welfare of humanity. Our vision is to transform the hardware industry by building a hardware development platform where users just specify design goals and have all the detailed engineering handled by automated software. Located in Berkeley, CA, we are a profitable seed-stage startup, backed by Sequoia Capital and Y Combinator. We’re building the tool that engineers have wanted for a long time. Come help us do it!